Concert Report by Axe
Schenker/Barden - Acoustic Project at the Avalon Night Club, Santa Clara, CA, U.S.A.
January 1, 2010
Added on 01/05/2010

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Greetings MSG fans! A great night of MSG but with a different setting this time for the Cali acoustic show @ Santa Clara's Avalon Nightclub. A whole different vibe compared to the louder Marshall Stack sound from Michael. The band was great and having fun as usual. The new addition of Michael Voss was a treat on the other acoustic guitar to put the great technique of his own to blend perfect with Michaels playing. Wayne Findlay was on acoustic guitar and keys as well. There were no drums for this tour and Michaelfs guitar tech Roberto used the foot kick pad and tambourine for the percussion. Gary Barden was under the weather but pulled through with lower register vocals and still sounded good for the circumstances. Michael Schenker was in great spirits as he has the past year of MSG. He was wearing a black rimmed hat and smiled through out. The constant Perrier water and red bull has made Michael a much better player. Thank GOD! My favorite song was Lipstick Traces. Frigging amazing! !!!The 1st Schenker lick I ever learned on the axe.1 I would say in my honest opinion I was missing the ripping leads from Michael .The were not present in this acoustic show at all. The sustain and feed back with the Marshall tone is a huge factor of his playing that I most admire about Herr Schenk. I must say this was still a great band all in all. There again was no meet n greet and lots of the fans were bummed and complained to me while I was selling the merchandise for the band. Hopefully in the future Michael will start to do it again and re connect with the fans! God Bless MSG... Axe


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