Concert Report by Paul
MSG at O2 Academy Oxford, Oxford, U.K.
December 23, 2009
Added on 12/27/2009

Hi Ritchie,

Just thought that I would send you a few comments about the last UK gig at the O2 Academy in Oxford on 23rd December 2009, together with some other observations.

It's been an exciting time being a MSG/UFO fan with both groups having toured the UK this year. Having seen MSG a few days earlier and previously in Wales in September, I expected this to be a great evening and I wasn't disappointed.

I managed to have a few words with Chris and Gary before the show and they both seemed appreciative of my comments on how good this band has been performing.

I note Martin's comments about Michaels reaction at a previous gig and to be honest I'm not fully surprised. In recent times i've found it amazing how quickly Michael has been out after a gig signing autographs. I think that it has been great PR after all the bad times,cancelled gigs etc. He has by making nimself more accesible to his fans, helped rebuild his reputation considerably.

I was told by a friend that at the Dudley gig that Michael didn't come out, but as Paul said in his Newcastle review, Micheal is an enigma. He is certainly a musical genius and as such I guess prone to what a lot of us regard as unusual behaviour. Over the years that I have had quite a few chats with my favourite musicians especially guitarists but i've never really known what to say to Michael when i've met him. I'm just happy to get a couple of things signed when the opportunity arises and to witness the fantastic shows that I have seen in the UK since 2008 with Michael Schenker and Friends and then in 2009 with MSG.

One thing that has struck me with this last tour, is how well the new tracks have come across live. Ride on my way is a great opener and the other 'In the Midst' tracks were great too, The electric 'Dance Lady Gipsy' really ought to be a single. It really is a good record and varied the set nicely before the classic encores of Rock Bottom and Dr Dr.

Michael played a very different set list when he toured the UK with Michael Schenker and Friends in 2008 and a lot of Classic UFO/MSG weren't played on this tour, but apart from one person telling me he wanted to hear 'Only you can rock me', I haven't found any body complaining about the set but just everybody enjoying fantastic gigs. On the otherside, there is always a big debate over the amount of 'Stangers in the night records' being played by UFO.

Michael's tour shows that you can vary your set considerably and still maintain a fantastic set because of the amount of great records that you have recorded, UFO have an amazing back catalogue of 'classics' to call upon that are not being used at the momemt. Food for thought !!

Let us all hope that we get a great new MSG album next year and another tour. Whatever MSG and UFO play live I shall be happy.

Happy new year to you Ritchie and everybody in MSG and UFO land. Thanks for keeping us up to date with our favourite music.

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