Concert Report by Dave
MSG at O2 Academy Newcastle, Newcastle, U.K.
December 22, 2009
Added on 12/26/2009

Michael Schenker @ O2 Newcastle 22nd Dec 2009

Ok, I'll start by saying I was determined to not have a view about the gig before I got there, after all, I have been hearing so many great things about Michael turning himself around, but I also have to say I witnessed the debacle in Manchester when he 'supported' the Scorpions a couple of years back and I haven't really enjoyed any of his albums since Written In The Sand, which is quite a while back now (1996!) The set was as it has been for the last few nights and the band performed with ease and the onstage ambience seemed very good. I could ramble, in detail, on about the gig but the fact is Michael was awesome, in the genuine meaning of awesome, this man has turned the clock back 25 years, this is a guitarist whose playing is on fire, he's playing with the hunger he once had that I thought he'd never get back, he stunned me with his lead playing and I'm still blown away by how amazing he was. Everyone seemed to enjoy the gig and my friends were just as struck by his pla ying as I was. Michael, thank God your back, now I can't wait to see him again!


Concert Report by Paul
MSG at O2 Academy Newcastle, Newcastle, U.K.
December 22, 2009
Added on 12/26/2009

hi Ritchie here is my review of the Newcastle gig

My request for the return of Mr Schenker to Tyneside in last years review was listened to well that's what I think. The last time he played a gig in Newcastle (apart from the brief cameo with the scorps) was a much differant affair. it was a grim night for UFO fans. The last full UFO gig schenker was well pissed and although he managed the set and a Post gig signing backstage that night he was given a black eye probably deservedly and the next night in Manchester end of schenker with UFO.

Fast forward to Xmas 2009 what a difference. Here is the band in a venue befitting their history as rock gods with plenty of room to move around. We are treated again to the resurgent schenker so focused and professional apparently enjoying every minute producing amped feedback holding his guitar to the audience.When I went to the bands warm up gig in Edinburgh last year Gary was a bit rusty not so tonight. His vocal performance was stunning controlled powerful.

I notice Martins comments about his lack of communication. Well we were able to get out of a side door at the academy as everyone else went out the back. We were fast out. Not as fast as Mr S. As we crossed the road into the car park exit Michael and his partner in his Merc 4x4 like a bat out of hell. You just wonder what that's all about you have just conquered the best rock venue in tyneside and you do not want to soak that up with your band or the adoring masses.He is an enigma and always will be and I do wonder whether this is now part of his coping mechanism to avoid backstage black eyes and a return to the demons. If that is the reason I fully support him. If not then come on Michael the guys who turn up for the sound check and stay behind are your true fans and deserve a little better even if its just a friendly hello.

Anyway this was a great Xmas present for all the Geordie schenker fans. We were even treated to a verse of wish you a merry Xmas from Gary Lets hope for more goodies next year

Happy holidays Ritchie keep up the great work Paul Dunn

Concert Report by Kevin
MSG at O2 Academy Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.
December 22, 2009
Added on 12/27/2009

My first live concert was Atomic Rooster 1970 since then a lot Zeppelin ,Queen , Alex Harvey band yada yada , I mention this as Michael Schenker at Newcastle was and is still the best live act I have ever seen , his music through his guitar a lesson to the like technicians like Jeff beck Michael sings thru the guitar like no other !

He was simply on fire , I know he doesn't talk to fans much , I spent hours waiting to see him got no joy but we now have him back ! and this is a price worth paying I reckon hefs getting sorted , and boy oh boy has,nt he just done that !!!!!!

Thank you Michael for giving me you back and I wish you all the very best in 2010 I will be there at shepherds bush in June like I was at the underworld a few months back in London when you lit the place up ..


Kevin miller

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