Concert Report by Dave
MSG at O2 Academy Bristol, Bristol, U.K.
December 20, 2009
Added on 12/23/2009

Hi Ritchie thought i would give you my review of Michael Schenker's gig in Bristol. I live down in Cornwall and last year saw the great man and friends put on a hell of a show in Falmouth which is half hour from where i live - so when it was announced that the 'mad axeman' was playing Bristol i was more then happy too make the two and half drive (three and half going back in snow blizzard) to see my all time favourite guitarist! Me and my mate Chris (who drove down from Shropshire) arrived at venue just as 1st support act 'POWER QUEST' were playing - haven't heard any of their stuff but enjoyed the songs i heard, FURY UK were up next have seen this 3 piece before and they went down really well with the crowd - look out for the guitarist he's more then a bit useful! So now the main event - the crowd were getting restless waitin for the great man to enter the stage - then the opening cords of 'Ride the night away' started and we were off - classic after classic was played with couple of new songs 'I want you and the excellent 'Night to remember'. There were some people moaning that the guitar sound wasn't loud enough and this did seem to get louder when he swopped guitar's but personally i was listening to Michael Schenker 'on fire' and was having a fantastic night hearing him play 'on and on' let sleeping dogs lie' armed and ready' 'into the arena' and all the favourites that true Schenker fans have learned to love over the years but the track that did it for me was 'Lost Horizons' awesome is what this song was the highlight of my night! The band seemed to be having a great fun - Chris Slade on drums was having a great time - Chris Glen on bass had smile on his face all night playing to the crowd laughin and joking - Wayne Findley been with Michael through thick and thin and very underated and loyal musician and Gary Barden on vocals not the worlds greatest singers and does struggle with the high notes these days but great entertainer and he seems to bring out the best in Michael which is fine by me because he is one of the greatest guitar players ever, so Gary stay with him! Encores were 'Dance lady gypsy' good song and then the UFO classics 'Rock Bottom' the fantastic Doctor Doctor which brought the house down. Not much more i can say 'one' amazing concert and when Schenker plays like that 'he's the best rock guitarist around. Roll on the new album and i really hope for another tour next year.

Merry Christmas


Concert Report by Devonjohn
MSG at O2 Academy Bristol, Bristol, U.K.
December 20, 2009
Added on 12/23/2009

Michael Schenker with Gary Barden as MSG, Bristol O2, Sunday 20th December 2009.

90 minute Set List:
Ride on my way.
Cry for the nations.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
Armed and ready.
Ready to rock.
I want you.
A night to remember.
Into the arena. + solo.
Lost horizons.
Rock my nights away.
On and on.
Attack of the mad axeman.

Dance Lady Gipsy
Rock Bottom.

Doctor Doctor.

I was at Reading in 1982 and saw MSG headline on the second night. I count it as one of my all time top 10 concerts - possibly top 5.

Bristol O2 on Sunday wasn't in that league but it was very good and certainly the best I have seen Michael recently.
Since the Rock and Blues meltdown of 2007 I have seen Michael at Falmouth, Bristol and with Scorpions in Wolverhampton and he gets better every time. Some times the venues are better than others. Bristol Thekla is a terrible venue but it was a great concert. Falmouth was just amazing and I was proud to play a small part in publising his comeback. Wolverhampton was ever more amazing to see Michael and Rudolph together on the stage jamming.

So - I was at the front of Bristol O2 Academy with around 250 other people, opposite Michael on Sunday.

The band line-up was: Michael Schenker, Gary Barden, Wayne Findlay, Chris Slade and Chris Glen.

The sound of Michael was great for most numbers. Vocal sound was terrible, bass inaudible for most along with the keyboards and the drums were fine but nothing special. However - I loved every moment of it.

The set-list combined 4 tracks from "The Michael Schenker Group" (Armed and Ready, Into the Arena, Cry to the Nations, and Lost Horizons), four tracks from "MSG" (Are You ready to Rock, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, On and On, and Attack of the Mad Axeman), one from "Built to Destroy" (Rock My Nights Away), three from "In the Midst of Beauty" (Ride On My Way, I Want You, and Night to Remember), two UFO classics from "Phenomenon" (Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor), and one from "Gypsy Lady" (Dance Lady Gipsy)

Highlights for me were all the early MSG and UFO numbers. In particular to hear Rock Bottom played the way it should be, seemingly totally effortlessly and without fault, (no SITN bum note this time!), was a real treat.

As usual I took lots of photos and a few videos too. Apologies to those who stood behind me. Links below to 2 slideshows of about 200 photos and 1 video of Rock Bottom, you will find others on my devonjohnrocks YouTube site.

The support acts were Power Quest and Fury UK. The former bombed pretty heavily except with 1 super fan who knew all the words to all the songs. For me over produced derivative pap. The latter was better and quite enjoyable in an elemental way with a drummer like animal from the Muppets - but for me they got worse as they went on not better. But hey they were both better than average as support and no where near as bad as the worst band in the world - that's Crucified Barbara if I haven't mentioned it before.....

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