Concert Report by Frank
MSG at Manchester Academy 3, Manchester, U.K.
December 16, 2009
Added on 12/17/2009

Hi Ritchie - MSG in great form at Manchester. Set list same as in your Moscow link. Michael had trouble during the first number with his black and white Dean, which was quickly replaced with the Flames version. He kept this for the rest of the show until the encores when he changed to the Schenker Brothers Vee.

All the band enjoyed themselves. Gary and Chris had plenty of comic moments. Somebody from the crowd called for Slade's So Here it is Merry Christmas, to which Gary joked he can't do Noddy! (Holder)

From the guitar work in the second number, Cry for the Nations, it was clear to all that Michael was in top form. To any UK fans wondering whether to go and see the show, I'd say get your tickets as it's definately game on!

I videod the Rockbottom solo which I've just put on youtube and will send you the link in an email after this one. (I'm a bit of a novice at this type of thing)

PS thanks for the site and all the great stuff you've put on it over the years.



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