Concert Report by Karri
MSG at Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
December 14, 2009
Added on 12/15/2009

Hi Ritchie,

Went to see MSG last night and it was really a dream come true. I thought that I'll ever see MSG with Mr Barden... And I've been waiting for this since early 80's. So we entered the venue at 7 p.m. and who was there standing in the corridor but Gary Barden himself. Looking better as ever, in a great shape. We had a little chat there and of course took a picture and an autograph. What a nice guy! Couldn't wish a better start for the evening.

The set list was the same as it has been on the earlier shows of this tour, full of MSG classics. Michael was absolutely fantastic, he looked happy and joyful and he was on fire. He improvised a lot, there were some very tasty licks and solos. His playing was just perfect and his tone was smooth, clear, full-flavoured and rich :) As I said earlier Gary was in a great shape and so full of energy. I loved his "darker" voice. It didn't bother me at all that he couldn't hit the high notes as well as back in the 80's. It was nice to see legends like Chris Glen and Chris Slade alive, what an awesome rhythm section. Wayne Findlay did fantastic job in Paul Raymond's shoes. Wayne is a true professional, very talented guy. A great addition to the band. And Jari Tiura was a welcome special guest. Had a little chat with him after the show. Nice guy.

What can I say, the band was so solid and tight and sounded great. They really rocked the night away!

Best Regards

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