Concert Review & Video by Gabor
MSG at Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany
September 9, 2009
Added on 09/13/2009

Hi Ritchie!

My concert review from the Augsburg show:
We drove 800 km from Hungary to see Michael, but all my friends said: it's worth the trouble!
Michael and Gary were in good mood and form, Michael played in 4 Dean guitars, first in Schenker USA, than Yin and Yang (black and mapple instead black and white), Flames Custom 2009 and in the encores on the Schenker Brothers guitar.
The one bad thing was in the night, that the concert with the encores held on one and a half hour.
We are in our 25th Anniversary MSG T-shirts in the front row, and called the band to the stage with an international "Yeeeeeah".
Michael played the whole concert with one pick, so we hadn't a souvenir. :(
The photos from the show:

The timeline is from the last to the first.



I uploaded a video from Schenker's new solo technic to youtube.

That made my friend from the front row in Augsburg, 09.09.09.

In the last second I am in the mob.

Gabor from Hungary
(We drove 800 km to see Michael!)

Concert Video by Olga
MSG at Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany
September 9, 2009
Added on 10/25/2009

Hi Ritchie,

I've just uploaded two vids from the MSG gig in Augsburg. Not the best quality though...

Thanks for you effort, I like your website!!!

Olga (Germany)

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