Concert Report by Axe
MSG at 19th And Broadway, Fairfax, CA, U.S.A.
July 4, 2009
Added on 07/08/2009

Hello to all the MSG fans once again. The show in Fairfax was by far the smallest venue of the tour. Maybe 200 hundred max. MSG still kicking butt and Garyfs voice much better after Concord. The same set list as before but this time they played doctor doctor .They didnft play an encore but instead played straight through the set. Michael broke a string but no worries with guitar tech Ryan in the house to give him a new guitar with in seconds. Big or small venue the boys stay strong and donft shorten the set. I am very proud and honored to be at these 3 Cali shows .The best time with MSG I have ever had. It was fun being Michaels body guard for the night .Great food by the way from a gourmet chef Jamie in the green room who has worked for Gary in the past .Michael played straight through and didnft do a meet n greet because he had to fly to Greece in a few hours for a Scorpions show for 35,000 with Uli Jon Roth and Herman Rarebell. The best part of the night was when I took Michaels Flying V and effect pedals in my car and drive him to the San Francisco airport. Thank you GOD!!!! Michael was very talkitive and very,very, kind...Rock on!!! Axe


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed & Ready
Ready to Rock
I Want You
Night to Remember
Into The Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On & On
Attack of the Mad Axe man


Gypsy Lady
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

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