Concert Report by Mike
MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago IL, U.S.A.
June 29, 2009
Added on 06/30/2009

MSG ROCKS Chicago House of Blues!!!!!!


I just got home from tonight's MSG show at the House of Blues and I have to report that Michael is playing phenomenally well!!! I've seen him about 8-10 times over the last 17 years and I have to say this may be the best I've EVER seen him - at worst it rivaled his 1995 playing during the UFO reunion, but I think it was the best I've ever seen MSG. Gary Barden sounded good - and even Rev Jones seemed to dial in his hair swinging and sounded great. It was the same set as the other concerts - the only complaint (a minor one) I had was I wish they played 3-5 more songs - even with the encores they ended after almost exactly 90 minutes. (Lights Out would have been a nice addition since it's a Chicago favorite!) But I literally was standing there with my mouth open for over half the show. Michael was more animated than I ever saw him. And I think, although I'm not sure, his son Tyson was out on stage for Gypsy Lady during the first encore. For those who are wondering whether to see him - pull the trigger and buy your tickets now. If he plays even close to as well as he did tonight you'll be thrilled!

Thanks for all your work on the site Ritchie - it's great!!!!

Concert Report by Steve
MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago IL, U.S.A.
June 29, 2009
Added on 06/30/2009

a short review of the show:

Doug Doppler opened again with a great set of instrumental guitar rock, at times ethereal, whisper soft, soulfully expressive and faster than the speed of sound. Doug's ability to fuse such varied technical and musical themes is astounding and worth a second listen.

MSG were really at the top of their game tonight, with Wayne, Rev & Pete feeding off the crowd energy and totally rocking out. Gary sang excellently and was very welcome to the Chicago crowd, many of whom didn't know he was back on tour as the voice of MSG again.
Michael was in very good form, happy and playful even as a few little things went wrong. At the intro to 'Lost Horizons' his cabling got fouled up and he played 'dumb' to the crowd while his tech, Ryan, fixed the problem. He then went into a little improvised jam before starting the song again. Michael then offered his guitar to the front row and some lucky folks got to help with some guitar effects to begin the song!
Having Gary Barden back singing all the great classics is simply magic!
The semi-acoustic 'Dance Lady Gipsy' was a real highlight for me even though the song isn't really 'rock'. I like the song alot and the band seems to have alot of fun playing it. With sombrero-type hats, Roberto the roadie on percussion, Michael's guitar tech Ryan on rhythm guitar, and Rev wearing (inexplicably) red leather chaps, the song has a feeling of celebration and unity...and the desire to enjoy a margarita.
...and then the anticipated 'Rock Bottom' and 'Doctor Doctor' just floored us. Michael always lays it out on 'Rock Bottom' and tonight was no exception. How Michael can play these songs every show for 25+ years and still be fresh and inspiring is a mystery, but he just seems to continually evolve and improve them somehow.
If you have the chance, do whatever you need to see MSG on this tour! You will be amazed at Michael's playing, the band sounds better than ever, and Gary Barden singing all your favorite classics is priceless!

and a link to another 'Tour Report', this time with Wayne & Deana Findlay:

...seriously considering the drive down by St Louis to see MSG a third night...

once again, Thanks so much for all you efforts!

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