Concert Report by Steve
MSG at Shank Hall, Milwaukee WI, U.S.A.
June 28, 2009
Added on 06/29/2009

Hey Ritchie,
Just got home from the Shank Hall, Milwaukee show...
The band sounded great, despite poor house sound and a smaller crowd because of Summerfest .
Gary's vocals were a little low, but his voice was powerful and energy was good....
Wayne, Rev and Pete really rocked out to the setlist, same as early shows,they are really strong.
Michael was playing very great...energetic & precise - Lost Horizons intro was amazing! and his solos were just awesome, tho the new 'legato' fills were a little repetitive at times.
It was too bad the Midwest crowd didn't really get into 'Dance Lady Gypsy' because Michael, Gary, Rev, Wayne, Pete (along with techs Roberto & Ryan filling-in the sound) really shined through, this is a great song live, and probably much better played outdoors...
Overall, how can anyone not like MS with Gary Barden singing...and the rest of the band is so great by themselves...


Hey Ritchie,
Here is the link for the brief 'Tour Report' we got with Wayne after the Milwaukee show 2009-06-28.

...and some pics of the show...

As I said before, the band was great, Gary's vocals were strong (but just a little low in the mix), Michael playing was incredible all night and looked very fit & happy. Doug Doppler was incredible, and VERY nice as well, and I'd really like to see him with a full band next time!
Rev didn't have to kick anyone at this show!
Don't forget to say 'Hi' to Doug's wife & Wayne's wife at the Merch table, they are really nice girls and would be happy to get cookies!!!

Thanks for all your tireless work on your MS site Ritchie, every band should have someone as dedicated as you on their 'team' !!!

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