Concert Report by Wes
MSG at The Fat Cat Music House And Lounge, Modesto, CA, U.S.A.
June 10, 2009
Added on 06/12/2009

As a morning after note to last night's show, Michael was absolutely perfect with his playing, and for the first time in more than 30 years, he appeared to be genuinely having a good time on stage both with his playing and with his fans. Lots of smiles, some histrionics, and a healthy look was very encouraging. I am sure I'm not the only one who has been waiting for this. Please tell everyone, now is the time to see the best guitarist who ever lived. See a show near you!

Wes Harrison

Concert Report by Axe
MSG at The Fat Cat Music House And Lounge, Modesto, CA, U.S.A.
June 10, 2009
Added on 06/12/2009

Hello MSG fans. It was a great night in Modesto, CA last night. I met with Doug Doppler and Wayne Findlay just before sound check that lasted about an hour. It was great to watch the master in rehearsal once again. I sat with Wayne in the green room for about half an hour and updated me on the last 2 shows and his recording the new Slavior. Michael has been healthy and doing great shows and smooth sailing since the debacle a few yeas back. I talked with Rev and was glad to see him with MSG again. He proudly showed me his new tats. I met Skid, Dion, and Roger Bleck there too. This has to be Skids 50th MSG show.

There were two opening acts then Doug Doppler came on and shredded the house down. Doug is very talented and a very kind person every time we speak. A great friend as well. Please make sure to see him before MSG.

At 10:00 on the nose MSG came out. The crowd was loud and full. Michael was looking very trim and wearing the skull & cross bones shirt with leather jacket sporting the platinum blond hair and sun glasses. Michael was exploding riffs from the get go. The band was very energetic and very loud at first but then came down a bit as the 3rd song was played. Gary Barden sounded great. I think his mic could have been a bit louder at times but still sounded great and energized the crowd. Wayne Findlay cranked on the sweetest Dean and is the anchor that holds this great band together. He told me this is his 11th year with MSG. Now I know why Michael has kept him for so long. I realized how MSG has missed Pete on the drums. He provided much power and is really a great metal drummer. Way to go Pete!

Michael was playing the best I have heard in many years. I would rate him 9 out of 10 as far as his solos. The best leads were on Lost Horizons and Mad Axe Man & Rock Bottom. Here is the set list that is the same as the Past few nights...

Ride on My Way
Cry for the Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed & Ready
Ready to Rock
I Want You
Night to Remember
Into The Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On & On
Attack of the Mad Axeman


Gypsy Lady
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

It is great to see Michael back at the top of his game. I am thinking the prayers from all the hard core fans are paying off. His fingers were lighting fast and very strong vibrato through out. He loved placing the guitar just in front of the Marshall to make it feedback. He bowed to the crowd after every song. During the intro to Lost Horizons he held his guitar out to thr crowd and let them pluck the strings. The great smile Michael has when he is up there is great! Amazing set for Modesto. The one bummer was Michael did not do a meet and greet. However Pete Homes, Rev, Gary, and Wayne did sign a few after the show. I encourage all fans to go to the show and support MSG. This tour is starting off great and I hope many more to follow. I will be @ The concord and Fairfax shows next month..I will have picks up at my site tonight...Axe

Concert Photos by Dion
MSG at The Fat Cat Music House And Lounge, Modesto, CA, U.S.A.
June 10, 2009
Added on 06/12/2009

More photos by Dion can be found here.

Concert Report by Skid
MSG at The Fat Cat Music House And Lounge, Modesto, CA, U.S.A.
June 10, 2009
Added on 06/14/2009

Michael Schenker Group in Modesto, my home town. Awesome! I bought 11 tickets to give to friends and family so they could see what I had traveled out of town 19 times before to see, the mad axeman! I have seen Michael live up close a few times the last decade and a half. Once with UFO, and a couple times with MSG. This was so far the best one (naw... UFO in 1995 was better). Being a small venue holding only 500 people, it is cramped and not the best for sound. I could not hear Gary Barden very well and Wayne's guitar was missing most of the evening. It was there but not audible were I was up front of Michael, who is to the audience right of the stage this tour. Little room on stage as once or twice Michael tried to turn towards the drum riser only to find Gary or Rev in his path. Michael looked good and smiled throughout the show, bowing to the crowd after each song.

The band was tight being their third show but this is the same band I saw in previous tours except for the obvious singer difference. Hard to hear all my favorites in two hours but "Night to Remember", "On and On" "Rock My Nights Away" & of course "Rock Bottom" were awesome. I missed a bit of "Lost Horizons" as some idiot with a pimp hat and three girls in tow tried to muscle up to the stage in front of my friends and wife. Bouncers quickly removed them without incident after we confronted the intruders. Get your spot early BEFORE the band starts instead of annoying real fans! (off soapbox now) The crowd sung loudly during "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom", Gary just hung the mic out towards the crowd, my home town made me proud. Michael's solo in "Rock Bottom" was again one of the best I've seen him do. He always surprises me with fills and runs that have been added over the years. (see video)

After continually punching my fist in the air, bouncing up and down and singing off key, I again was a near 50 year old kid ignoring all those around me. I always feel fortunate to again see Schenker play live. There are many bands and musicians who we will never see again, enjoy this great talent while you still can. Michael Schenker is indeed a truly unique musician, one of the greatest guitarist ever.

But that's my humble unbiased opinion.


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