Concert Report
by Steve Karlsson

- MSG -
at Sweden Rock Festival
June 11th, 1999

Added on 06/15/1999

Hello everyone!

I'm dropping a few lines on MSG friday june 11 at sweden rock festival. They came on stage at 7:30 pm and as usual Michael wore shades and coat.

The sound was excellent and Michael's guitar was on top of it all, very good. Like someone else said before "what a band"!! Shane and Barry are so tight it's unreal and Keith Slack did a great job real MSG-feeling, i have only good things to say, perhaps to short for all the songs one like to hear.

The setlist was:

armed and ready
only you can rock me
natural thing
pushed to the limit
written in the sand
into the arena
on and on
attack of the mad axeman
pilot of your soul
fat city
the mess i've made
to hot to handle
lights out

rock bottom

Perhaps the order is a bit mixed up.

They got great response from the crowd, the whole band was in a good mood and Michael gave v-signs to the crowd and to his band several times. MSG made a lot of people very happy.

Scorpions was headlining on the friday they were good except from the new strange stuff and 5 ballads are just to much, James Kottak on drums is doing a great job on the heavy songs like dynamite and Klaus Meine sounded as good as ever. It was great to see (and hear) Rudolf Schenker playing lead on 3 or 4 songs, great feeling. It was a great time the whole weekend with tons of good bands. :-)

later /steve

Thank you, Steve!

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