Concert Report by seajob
Michael Schenker Group at Sala Jam, Bergara, Spain
October 31, 2008
Added on 11/19/2008

Finally the show was incredible! Everyone there had a great time, and when Michael is happy he plays like no one! It seems that a lot of the old feeling is back, and I hope that's here to stay.

The band was great:

They played the same setlist they're playing in this tour:

1. Ride On My Way
2. Cry For The Nations
3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
4. Armed And Ready
5. Ready To Rock
6. I Want You
7. A Night To Remember
8. Into The Arena

(here in the setlist there was something called "Michael into", but it remainded me a lot Courvoisier Concerto)

9. Lost Horizons
10. Rock My Nights Away
11. On And On
12. Attack Of The Mad Axeman

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Finally, there were some minor downsides:
And, last but not least, we came back home with no special news :) Last time I went to Sala Jam to see Michael we crashed the car going back home.

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