Concert Report & Photos by Celine
Michael Schenker Group at Pratteln, Basel, Switzerland
October 27, 2008
Added on 11/05/2008

Hi Ritchie, hope you're well.

I finally found some time to send you my review of the gig last monday October 27th in Pratteln, Switzerland.
They were on the top, as the beginning of the tour make us see, and Michael played perfectly, how happy I was to see him again. I don't remember the exact set list, but they played Ride on my way, and Night to remember from the last record In The Midst Of Beauty, and the classics Cry for the nations, Let sleeping dogs lie, Armed and ready, Attack of the Mad axeman, Into the arena, Rock my nights away, Lost horizons, On and on, Are you ready to rock, and the encores were Rock Bottom and Doctor, Doctor. That's all I remember I think I forget 1 or 2 songs...

Gary was great but we didn't hear him as much as we wished to, that's the only bad thing for me.

Best wishes from Switzerland


Higher-res pics taken by Celine can be found at

And Celine's guitar signed by Michael in the afternoon

Concert & Interview Photos by
Michael Schenker Group at Pratteln, Basel, Switzerland
October 27, 2008
Added on 11/10/2008

Hi Ritchie,

I am moderating the rock radioshow Rock Bottom that is receiveable on Radio FSK Hamburg (Germany) and on the internet under

Christian Platz (a good friend and radio moderator from Freiburg / Germany) and I had the opportunity to interview Michael Schenker (in German) and his band (Chris Glen, Chris Slade, Wayne Findley in English) for our radio shows. The two interviews took place in Pratteln (CH) on the 27th of October 2008.

The interviews can be found on the Rock Bottom website as well.

If you like you can link to the interview files because more Michael Schenker fans can listen to them. The main site with all Rock Bottom interviews is:

Michael interview: (Translation is as follows. Thanks, Joerg!!!)

The three MSG musicians:

Christian and I would be very pleased if you would link to the interviews on your very interesting fan website.

In the attachment you will find two photographs from the interview sessions and one concert pic from Michael.

Keep on rocking and best wishes

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom: Michael, you have been fantastic tonight, better than ever. What is the reason for this creative spirit?

Michael Schenker: It depends on the universe. Everybody has got his tasks in life. It is likely that I am required now. I started big and then I withdrawed a little bit to evolve myself. My brother has done the big thing during that time. Now my time is coming again.

Rock Bottom: On this tour you have two members of the legendary line up in the current band, Gary Barden and Chris Glen. And on "In The Midst Of Beauty" are the musicians involved that have started MSG with you. How did it all this come?

Michael Schenker: Everything is directed. I haven't done anything for that. When the time is right for some things, then they will happen. The trousers fashion of the 70ties has returned, because it should be. Gary Barden is back in MSG because it should have happened, too.

Rock Bottom: You have toured in England lately. How have been the fan reactions in England in comparison to Germany or Switzerland?

Michael Schenker: We did two gigs in Holland, one gig in Germany and one gig in Switzerland. The reactions were good, but a little bit reserved if you compare it to England. That might have its cause in the fact that we have toured there with "Michael Schenker and Friends" in the beginning of this year. I have been there with the Scorpions as well recently. The people in Germany and Switzerland have to digest the new MSG line up and get accustomed to it. Further the fans get older. Let's hope that the younger generation will discover us as well.

Rock Bottom: Tomorrow you will play in Barcelona. That will be hard trip with your tour bus, or?

Michael Schenker: We fly to Barcelona early in next morning, no problem.

Rock Bottom: You have been lately to Japan. This is your stronghold and the Japanese are your most faithful fans. How did they accept this line up?

Michael Schenker: It was terrific. The Japanese are totally happy and the are not afraid to show their emotions and enthusiasm. It is like the reaction on the Beatles at that time. The fans in Spain are great, too. They are very passionate. In England and America it is the same situation.

Rock Bottom: Are you playing in America as well on this tour?

Michael Schenker: Yes, of course. It is a world tour. It has started slowly because I have had other commitments. Lately I did the tour with the Scorpions in England. We did a rock acoustic show in Newcastle on the 12th of October.

Rock Bottom: 2 years ago you have spoken about a Schenker brothers album that is in the pipeline. What is on with this project?

Michael Schenker: A Schenker brothers album is in the discussion, but things must grow and evolve. It is not good to hurry. When it is the time for it then we will realize it.

Rock Bottom: Do you plan a DVD release from the current MSG tour?

Michael Schenker: It will be put together. There will be a release of this tour, sometime.

Rock Bottom: You live in Germany again for three years now and you have recorded "In the Midst Of Beauty" with producer Siggi Schwarz in Ulm. How did it come? How are the surroundings in Germany for album productions in comparison to America or England?

Michael Schenker: It happened by itself. When things should happen, then they will happen.

Rock Bottom: And how does the chemistry with Gary Barden function? Have you started at the same point where you have stopped the collaboration at that time?

Michael Schenker: A chemistry that functions once, functions always. His voice has got a great feeling that fits very well to my guitar playing.

Rock Bottom: You have brought out many acoustic and electric instrumental albums. Do you intent to continue with recording instrumental albums or are you focused on MSG now?

Michael Schenker: I don't plan things strictly. I am going my way forward each day. The things are evolving from itself.

Rock Bottom: Michael, you have to handle some things for tomorrow. These were our questions. Thank you for the interview!

Michael Schenker: Thank you as well!

Interviewers: Christian Platz and Joerg Reiche

Translation: Joerg Reiche

Date: 2008/10/27

Place: Pratteln (CH)

Concert Report by Claus
Michael Schenker Group at Pratteln, Basel, Switzerland
October 27, 2008
Added on 11/17/2008

Hello Ritchie,

I`ve seen MSG two times this year. The first one was the great gig at Hornberg Summer Festival in Tuttlingen/Germany. This was amazing, the venue was an old, destroyed castle where they played with Magnum. A great gig because everybody was suprised of the new freshness of Michael and MSG and of Gary of course. So I went to Switzerland to see them again. And as Celine said, it was a night to remember! Again a great concert. The MSG Band is now much tighter, everbody of the band had a good time, there were a lot of smiles and laughter onstage and the fans liked it, too. The setlist was the same as in Scotland,Germany. It`s just superb. The current MSG line-up is at the moment unbeatable. I have never seen a bad Michael Schenker concert so far and I hope to see him again very soon. It`s a pity that I don`t made any pics. As I said everybody was in a great shape and Chris Glen is a true legend, too! Rock on guys!


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