Concert Report & Photos by Steg
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
October 19, 2008
Added on 10/21/2008

Hi Richie ,

Great show last night the guys were on top form "a night to remember"

Ive enclosed a couple of photos

Cheers Steg

Concert Report & Photos by Devonjohn
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
October 19, 2008
Added on 10/21/2008

Hi Ritchie,

Its 7:05pm and its exactly 24 hours since being admitted into the Civic Hall at Wolverhampton and being privileged to witness, - at the front of a capacity crowd, - first an hour set by Uli John Roth, complete with band and sky guitars and then 2 hours of sheer dynamite Scorpions - complete with both Michael Schenker and UJR, individually and briefly together - even shaking each other's hands!

To be honest it just doesn't get any better than that for me and boy was I Ready To Rock!

The set was perfect and fast paced with no fillers - are there ever? - , flying by all too quickly as always.

High energy, all the old; lovedrive, blackout and love at first sting favourites, plus the new classics from Humanity Hour 1 and then a couple of new elements, well new to me at least - first the giant video wall and then all the band members playing in a line on individual drums during the Kottack Attack.

Of course, a real highlight was seeing Michael playing with the band, looking great, smiling and behaving like it was a family reunion.

Although, I have seen Michael twice this year on great form at both Falmouth and Bristol with Friends - this was something else. Something special.

That said - Doctor Doctor was odd for me to hear as I am so used to seeing and hearing Phil Mogg sing this classic as for over 30 years I have been a fan of UFO!

(UJR joined the band for a short while but a string breaking on his guitar seemed to put him off his stroke a little).

This was the last date of a short UK leg of the Humanity World Tour 2008 and if you missed it, you missed out.

But never fear there will be a next time and as always Scorpions will deliver.

I have loaded a 4 minute video clip of "Coast to Coast" on YouTube at:

As always I took lots of photos - about 350, of which 250 are, (IMHO) quite good. I will post them as slide shows on Photobucket tomorrow and copy you in.

Set List:

Hour 1
Coming Home
Bad Boys Running Wild
The Zoo
No Pain No Gain
Coast To Coast (With Michael Schenker)
Holiday (With Michael Schenker)
Lovedrive (With Michael Schenker)
Another Piece Of Meat (With Michael Schenker)
Loving You Sunday Morning
Kottack Attack / Scorps Attack
Big City Nights

Still Loving You
No One Like You
He's A Woman She's A Man (with Uli)
Doctor Doctor (with Michael)
Rock You Like A Hurricane (with Michael)

Great treat also to see Battttttty down the front taking photos and cheering on UJR throughout his set! I have the photos but she would kill me if I published them. ;)

Below are 4 separate links to photobucket slideshows of Scorpions at Wolverhampton.

If you were there, enjoy, if not - why not?????¤t=66d458af.pbw¤t=4ad28bc4.pbw¤t=be6a5256.pbw¤t=65605178.pbw

All photos produced not for profit, but solely for personal enjoyment and sharing with likeminded sad old rock dads and chicks.

Feel free to use any and all - but if you do please credit me

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