Concert Report by Roy
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
October 18, 2008
Added on 10/19/2008

Here is the set list for the Scorpions London show.

Hour 1
Coming Home
Bad Boys Running Wild
The Zoo
No Pain No Gain
Coast To Coast (With Michael Schenker)
Holiday (With Michael Schenker)
Lovedrive (With Michael Schenker)
Another Piece Of Meat (With Michael Schenker)
Loving You Sunday Morning
Kottack Attack / Scorps Attack
Big City Nights

Still Loving You
No One Like You
He's A Woman She's A Man (with Uli)
Doctor Doctor (with Michael)
Rock You Like A Hurricane (with Michael)

A good night nice to see Hammersmith sold out.

The Scorpions put on a good show as always.

Michael and the band seemed happy to play together, and Michael seemed happy and in great shape. Better than the Wacken DVD.

Shame they only did one song with Uli.

For Another Piece Of Meat after the guitar solo into turned into a blues jam for a couple of mintues before going back into the song.

For Rock You Like A Hurricane was the extened version like Hurricane 2000 and after the main guitar solo Michael took a solo.

For Holiday it started off as aucustic and went into electric like the album version.

For the drum solo all current members of the band join James for a drum solo towards the end of his solo spot.

The had a giant video screen for a back drop which showed some video fortage to go with the some of thr songs and for the rest of the time show the the band.

I missed most of The Sail Of Charon, but good Uli band was tight and on form.

He said he hoped to be back to do a headline tour soon.

Uli set was

The Sail Of Charon
Land Of Dawn
The Magic Word
Tanz In Die Dammerung shortened version still lasting around 13 minutes instead of 18 minutes but he was a support act.
We'll Burn The Sky
Polar Nights

Concert Report by Paul N.
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
October 18, 2008
Added on 10/20/2008

Hi Ritchie, quick review of Saturday night.

Being a weekend a bit better prepared that for Southampton and managed to catch 15 minutes of UJR's set including a great version of We'll Burn the Sky.

A full house at Hammersmith, with a combined age of about 110,000! created a huge noise to welcome the Scorpions back to London. The Hammersmith Male and Female voice choir were in particularly fine voice all night. Like Southampton Michael was roared on like a long lost son and the ovation he got at the end of the mini set was confirmation of the affection that still exists for him.

Highlights the Zoo, 321, the Lovedrive set, Big City Nights and Dynamite and well all of it really. Winds of change disappeared and no-one like you, don't remember them playing it at Southampton but I'm getting on a bit and the memories shot, arrived. Dr Dr got a bit of a reworking and gave the Apollo a chance to holler away to a much loved live treasure.

Matthias has really grown over the years and commands the stage even with Michael and UJR playing away. Rudolph is perpetual motion and Kottak should be plugged into the local electricity supply and power a couple of towns. That Klaus can a) keep up and b) hold his voice together at the pace and volume the Scorpions hit is a work of genius. Pavel lays down a wall of sound and gives the band the freedom to play. The video wall's a great idea and the cutting and merging of the live images into the pre-prepared ones works really well.

The smile on Michaels face as he was acclaimed by a full house at a venue which he deserves to command was priceless and long overdue. It's been great seeing him at the smaller clubs he's played the last few years but he should be playing this and bigger halls.

At 10.45 after all the wait, the hoarse throat and ringing ears they were gone. The house lights came up we drifted home thinking maybe the worlds not such a bad place after all.

Attached is a photo of the video wall from Southampton with a close up of Michael.

Concert Photos by Billy Hepburn / MusicPro (UK)
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK
October 18, 2008
Added on 10/21/2008

Michael Schenker

Rudolf Schenker & Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker & Matthias Jabs

Klaus Meine

Rudolf Schenker

Matthias Jabs

Rudolf Schenker

The Scorpions

The Scorpions

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