Concert Report by Paul N.
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Guildhall, Southampton, UK
October 16, 2008
Added on 10/17/2008

Hi Ritchie, review of tonights Scorpions gig in Southampton.

I'd never been to Southampton before and with it turning into one of those days at work where the disappear out the door early for the two hour drive doesn't look like its going to happen I almost didn't make it today. Still scraped in for 8.20 catching the very end of UJR's set. By 8.55 the lights were dropping - damned efficient these Germans! - and the stage took on a life of it's own as the best live band I have ever seen stormed the stage and tore it to shreds.

From the opening Hour 1 to the closing Hurricane via a stunning and completly unexpected Doctor Doctor, the Scorps just demanded adulation and got it. The pace was frenetic but never out of control and in just under two hours they flew through Coming Home, Big City Nights, Blackout, Bad Boys Running Wild an excellent 321, Dynamite, No Pain No Gain, Winds of Change returned, Still Loving You sure I've missed something - you'll have to forgive me its 1.30 am and the brains frazzled. The mini set with Michael produced Lovedrive an immense coast to coast and a beautiful holiday and a blistering an na na na nother piece of meat. Uli appeared for He's a woman before Michael returned to blaze through Doctor Doctor and Hurricane.

A review in Sounds or Kerrang from the early 80's said that the Scorpions hit the stage with a power and majesty only equalled by Rush, almost 30 years later its still true. They are immense. Seeing Michael on a proper stage again and beaming like a good un was great and an unmissable experience was made complete when I managed to blag some very quick autographs outside.

I'll be at Hammersmith on Saturday and I can't wait, should have my voice and ears back in working order by then.


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