Concert Report & Photos by Simon Wimpenny
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Manchester Apollo, Manchester, UK
October 15, 2008
Added on 10/16/2008

Hi Ritchie

Great gig tonight, ive never seen Michael looking as good, looked and played just like he was in 1983!! he was fantastic. Great set nearly 2 and a 1/4 hours long!

Concert Report & Photos by Ray
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Manchester Apollo, Manchester, UK
October 15, 2008
Added on 10/19/2008

As the opening of Coast to coast started on came Michael who looked fantastic - the Michael we know - dyed blond hair swept back as we are used too, no beard, slim and energetic - he loved it and was great to see the maestro back on form. He also played Lovedrive, Another peice of meat and the acoustic opening of Holiday, before swapping his dean V. For the Michael again came on for two more songs including a real treat and surprise "Doctor Doctor" which was great what a rock jam that was on stage - Roth, Schenker brothers and Jabs - all so close in front of me - this was what rock nights are made of! Michael loved it.

After gig I hanged around a bit got some autographs from the Scorps and was heading to my car when I spotted Michael leaving quick and heading for his Merc E series parked oppostite stage door. There were a handful 4 or 5 fans around so no huge pressure for him to be swamped, but he disappointed us - not a word, no eye contact no acknowledgement nothing and refused to sign anything. As he opened the back door of his car and threw his bag in, i said "c'mon michael waited 30 years to get my UFO Stangers in the night cd signed" as I made it available with a pen to him, but he just jumped into drivers side locked doors and sped off! Ohe well, that can be Michael I guess!!! I got a shot of his blond hair driving off! We know he has his moods, so no grudge held, I will get his autograph next time!

Please find some additional shots of Michael with the Scorps at Manchester 15th October.

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