Concert Report by Paul Dunn
Schenker/Barden Acousitc Trio & Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Carling Academy, Newcastle, UK
October 12, 2008
Added on 10/13/2008

Hi Ritchie just got back from scorpions gig at Newcastle and here is a review for your site.

There are a lot of Michael shirts on view in the very long queue outside the Carling academy dare I say as many as there are scorpions shirts. There is a delay and when we eventually get in schenker is already on and they are playing cry for the nations. Hang on a minute thought it was supposed to be a trio. There is a drummer afraid I do not know who it was sure someone else will fill in that blank

Michael is playing a black dean v acoustic ( not a signature model) The set follows roughly along the lines of the recent MSG set list. Gary is sporting a very smart glitter suit not very rock and roll but different. Michael plays fluidly but this is a test for Gary as vocalist to fill in more in the acoustic setting and he pulls it off superbly. We are then treated to a new song seems to be called Gypsy dancer or similar(*). there is reference to Michael Voss so not sure if this is to be on his album or if Gary was referring to a schenker barden acoustic recording of some sort?

This is getting good Gary introduces the first song Michael and I recorded together in 1979 and they play a storming version of looking out from nowhere. "its been a long time since this has been played" Gary tells us and then that's it a word from the side and the band are off its an anti climax as they are just getting warmed up. However they are victims of the long delay at the start.

On come the scorpions and they are rocking away Iam still feeling a little short of Micheal moments never fear schenker is still here. Rudolf dons the schenker brothers v on comes Micheal and the scorps launch into coast to coast. Iam in a schenker heaven. Next "holiday "Michael plays a schenker dean exotica. It is played and sang well the audience join in. Lovedrive sees Michael switch to the white and black flame dean and finally another piece of meat. Klaus tells us it is good to be back on stage with Michael high fives all around and he is off. For me it was the highlight of the night. It may be the scorpions fans will disagree because the rest of the set was very good

In the last 12 months Michael has come full circle. It has been an incredible resurgence lets hope it continues dare we hope he will play with mogg and way again well maybe not but if he keeps up this level of performance the schenker faithful will be more than happy

regards Paul Dunn

*: Michael Schenker mentioned in his recent interview with Young Guitar magazine, the new acoustic song is called Dance Lady Gypsy which is originally an acoustic instrumental song contained in Thank You 4 album.

Concert Photos by Mark
Michael Schenker with Scorpions at Carling Academy, Newcastle, UK
October 12, 2008
Added on 10/14/2008

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