Concert Report by Kevin
MSG at Melon AX Hall, Seoul, Korea
August 31, 2008
Added on 09/01/2008

Hello Ritchie,

I'm Kevin (Korean) and just a fan of Michael Schenker.
I saw the concert in Korea yesterday and want to share information with MSG fans (who visits your fan site).

It was the first time of MSG concert in Korea.
MS visited to Korea for promotion in 1991 with Robin.

MSG came to Korea about 13:00 on 8/30.
They moved to hotel directly.
On 8/31 (D-day), they moved to the concert hall (Melon Ax) in 14:00.

The show started on 18:30 (original schedule was 18:00).
During 90 minutes, audience got crazy and impressed due to their excellent performance.
We - Korean fans - were waiting for his concert for so long time. (more than 25 years)
The average age of audience looks about 40 years old. (I'm 36 years old)
Even though not many fans can join the show (about 500 men), the show was really hot.

After the show, there was a time for MS's autograph.
Many fans had MS's autograph on their own items (CD booklet, Guitars, T-shirts, etc).

The setlist was almost the same as Edinburgh's.
Information from your site was so helpful for me.

Ride On My Way
Cry for the Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed and Ready
Ready to Rock
I Want You
A Night to Remember
Into the Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away
On and On
Attack of the Mad Axeman

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Today, they dismiss and will go to their home.

I'm so glad to see their excellent concert in Korea and it will be one of most precious memories to me.

That's all...


Concert Report by Jeong
MSG at Melon AX Hall, Seoul, Korea
August 31,
Added on 09/01/2008

Dear Mr. Araki,

First of all, I'm glad to see you at online.

I use to visit your site regulaly because of MSG info.

I have been always impressed by your passion and effort about MSG.

My name is Tae-Ryong, Jeong.

I am 37 years old. Male, and crazy fan of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Anyway, here is some reprot for you.

I worried about that MSG concert would be held in South Korea for a month.

Because the concert reservations was very low.

But the promoter had a strong will to hold the concert.

Finally, I and my older brother arrived at the concert place.

We drank some beers before the show with a good grace.

About 400 peoples gathered inside the hall.

The concert started at about 6:20 PM.

The legendary troops played in good moods, feelings and smilings.

The crowds sang along, screamed and shoutted.

The set list is same as Japan.

The troops moved everybody because of their sounds and Gary's voice and of course Mr. flyng V god.

After the show, Michael had the signings for fans kindly.

Actually, Michael and Robin have been to Korea for promoting 17 years ago.

Korean fans awaited the show for almost 25 years.

24 Years have passed away since we(especially, I and my brother) heard the MSG.

We drank some beers after the show too with high feelings.

Even though the MSG and the kids (at that time) are the sixty age and middle age,

Old boys are never die, but they are faded away.

Michael and the promoter prohibitied the photo shots, I have no any photos of concert.

Now I got to go.

I hope you please this simple review.

Best regards,


P.S-I'm sorry that my english is poor.

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