Concert Report by Les
Michael Schenker Group at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, U.K.
June 19, 2008
Added on 06/20/2008

Hi Ritchie

I just got back from the Edinburgh gig and I'm still in shock!! How about this for a set list -

Ride On My Way
Cry for the Nations
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Armed and Ready
Ready to Rock
I Want You
A Night to Remember
Into the Arena
Lost Horizons
Rock My Nights Away!!!
On and On
Attack of the Mad Axeman
Lights Out

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

What can I say? It was a brilliant gig. It was amazing to see Michael, Gary and Chris on stage again - the first time for me in over 25 years!! It was like being back in the 80's - Michael was even wearing a leather jacket!! And the set list was great. Some of the UFO favourites of recent gigs being replaced by classic MSG songs. I've never seen them play Rock My Nights Away live. It was stunning. I wouldn't say it was a perfect gig from a technical point of view - there were a few missed cues and Chris Slade looked like he was still learning some of the songs but he had lots of help from Wayne and Chris. I suppose that's to be expected for their first live performance together. Gary looked great and his voice may not be as strong as 25 years ago but he really did the old songs justice. Michael was looking extremely fit and healthy and his playing was absolutely breathtaking in places. It's difficult to pick out highlights but to hear Cry for the Nations and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie after all this time was great. Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom were tremendous (as usual) but the stand out for me was Lost Horizons - simply mind blowing with outstanding solos from Michael. I've seen Michael several times in the past few years including March this year but this was definitely the best gig I have seen him play since the Glasgow Apollo in 1982. I hope they stick together and do a full length tour some time soon.

Best wishes


Concert Report by Paul
Michael Schenker Group at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, U.K.
June 19, 2008
Added on 06/20/2008

hi Ritchie here is a review for you. boy are you in for some time when this show comes to japan!!

So the journey goes on for the Schenker faithful of UK this time we are in for a trip to Edinburgh and we are confident this will be good but how will the new line up be? Then how fitting is it that in this city Michael should at last put aside his Hyde in favour of Jekyll and cast out his demons.

I will be honest my opinion is that schenkers best work starts with Phenomenon and ends with Obsession and it always will be but that view was more tested last night than it has ever been.

Michael has been tinkering around the edges in the last few years with the lineups. I have never seen a bad gig from him I have been lucky but this was something else. When Gary Barden walked onto the stage last night it was like a breath of fresh air direct to Michael's lungs. The opening track surged into cry for the nations we knew we were not just in for a good night we were witnessing something special. I may sound over sentimental here but I cannot convey in sufficient words just how good this was. The reception after cry for the nations said it all the band appeared to reel back with it and it set the tone for the rest of the night.

You begin to realise that what he has maybe missed is the maturity of the likes of Chris Glen and Gary Barden and I do not just mean in years. These guys are class and Bardens voice just lifted the songs to the level that Jari and Leif for example couldn't just because he has a brilliant rock and roll voice.

A word also for Wayne Findlay he must be the ultimate schenker fan living the ultimate dream. To have come back to play with the guy after the debacle of a couple of years ago speaks volumes. He too seems to have matured and appeared to enjoy every minute of the set though it was clear the new songs were very new to him no matter Michael showed him the riff he picked it up instantly you see pure class.

This set was MSG based and so moved away from what we have seen in recent years which was welcome even if it meant no Let it Roll because it typified the freshness of the whole gig.

Some warm up more like a melt down watch out Japan here comes Schenker!!

Paul Dunn

Concert Report by Rob-G
Michael Schenker Group at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, U.K.
June 19, 2008
Added on 06/20/2008

Concert Photos (Exclusive) by Billy Hepburn / MusicPro (UK)
Michael Schenker Group at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, U.K.
June 19, 2008
Added on 06/20/2008

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