Concert Report by Les
Michael Schenker & Friends at Cathouse, Glasgow, U.K.
February 22, 2008
Added on 02/23/2008

Hi Ritchie

I'm just back from the Glasgow gig - small venue but it seemed to be full. There's not much I can add to earlier reviews. Right from the first few seconds of Assault Attack it was obvious Michael was on form and it was going to be a good night. It was a flawless performance from beginning to end. Very little gaps between songs and they didn't even leave the stage before Doctor Doctor/Rock Bottom. I think this band are very tight - it's obvious they have been playing together regularly for the past few weeks - I though the drummer was amazing. Michael was outstanding, probably the best I've ever seen him. It's so difficult to pick any highlights but the solo in Only You Can Rock Me was sublime and it was possibly the best ever version of Rock Bottom I've seen him play. Michael was at the merchandise stand before the show and he signed my CD covers of Phenomenon, Force It and Heavy Petting. He seemed relaxed and very happy to see to his fans, to pose for photographs and sign stuff. It's great to see him fit and healthy and playing so well. Roll on the new album and tour!!

Best Wishes


Concert Report by Kevin
Michael Schenker & Friends at Cathouse, Glasgow, U.K.
February 22, 2008
Added on 02/23/2008

I've never been to the Cathouse before and it is a pleasant venue and was pretty much full. Unfortunately the stage isn't very high and I think some people may have found it difficult getting a good view. Luckily there is a raised area around the side where we stood and could see perfectly well.

There was no support band and Michael and Friends came on at 8.30pm. I must say he was exceptional just what we should expect from the master...effortless, fluid, fun, and a set list with no poor songs at all. It was classic after classic after classic with Michael joining in the singing on Lights Out! He looked so happy on that stage, quite a few times he was standing there with a great big smile. I actually had tears in my eyes as he played the opening bars to Doctor Doctor. Sure he missed some notes, but he also filled in some nice extra ones too. My one low point was his Rock Bottom solo. I see in the other review "Les" loved it, but for me I actually thought Michael was struggling with his guitar on this song - he was constatly fiddling with the tone controls - Michael's solos should always keep melody, but it didn't here, I thought it sounded disjointed.

I did think the crowd took some time to loosen up [lack of support band doesn't help I suppose] and the show was over all too quickly after 1 hour 10 mins. But really, what a 1 hour and 10 minutes! The drummer was fabulous as was the bassist - they both really seemed to being enjoying themselves. Keyboards and rhythm guitar filled in brilliantly as required but although the vocals were good, they lacked that special something.

Michael was back at the merhandise stand after the gig [as he was before it] happily signing his Thanks 4 CDs and having his picture taken - he doesn't say much though does, he.

I am so glad I took the 6 hour round trip to see him. Michael has managed to do what we have been hoping for so long...he's done a full tour with rave reviews from start to finish. He looks happy, content and at peace with himself.

Thank you Michael.

Concert Report by Rob-G
Michael Schenker & Friends at Cathouse, Glasgow, U.K.
February 22, 2008
Added on 02/24/2008

Hi Ritchie,

My review of the Glasgow show.

What a difference in Michael, gone is the drop out look he has favoured in the past few years to be replaced by a much slimmer fitter look. He looks 10 years younger than the last time we saw him up here.

Didn't get any photos due to a technical hitch with my camera..

It was amazing to see someone of Schenker's calibre playing a dump like the Cathouse, the stage is about a foot above crowd level so if you were a bit vertically challenged you wouldn't have seen much.

His playing was the best I've heard in about 10 years, it was a run through of the classics, every song had little lead embellishments added with a good few songs having outro solos added too.

I preferrred the Gibson sound to the Dean, I thought his guitar sound wasn't as thick/beefy as the sound he got with the Gibson V.

He's definitely back on form and seems to be enjoying himself. If he can only keep this up we may be in for an amazing tour when he teams up with Gary Barden later on this year.

The drummer was amazing and the rest of the band were pretty tight.

Chris Glenn and Ted McKenna were present and Lief Sundin (who appeared to be sporting the young Fidel Castro look, probably as a bizarre dedication to him stepping down) dedicated Doctor Doctor to them.


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