Concert Report by Gareth
Michael Schenker & Friends at the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast, U.K.
February 20, 2008
Added on 02/21/2008

Hi Ritchie,

Just a quick note to let you know how the concert went at the Spring and Airbrake in Belfast on the 20th Feb.

At first I was worried that Michael wouldn't show up or the gig would be cancelled, as it was last August, but I'm pleased to say that everything went according to plan and Michael played superbly. He played all the best songs - Angel of Avalon, Are You Ready To Rock, Lights Out, Let It Roll, Armed and Ready, Only You Can Rock Me, Into The Arena, On and On and few more which I can't remember. As an encore the band came on and played Doctor Doctor and a great version of Rock Bottom, with Michael playing some of his best soloing of the night. He looked healthy and I'm pleased that he's truely back on form.

Overall it was a great night for me. I got to meet Michael at the start of the night and got his autograph. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures :-( Still, I have the memory that I finally got to see the great Michael Schenker and it was the best gig I've been to so far.


Concert Report by Rob
Michael Schenker & Friends at the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast, U.K.
February 20, 2008
Added on 02/26/2008

So after the disappointment of last years gig being cancelled what an awesome night we had in Belfast. Walked in the door and there was Michael at the merchandise stall. Shook his hand and welcomed him to Belfast. Didn't say anything but gave me a big smile! Having been a life long fan of Michael since hearing "Only you can rock me" for the first time I was looking forward to this gig with much anticipation. I had seen MSG with Gary years ago but this gig is a small club and myself and friends were at the front as you can see from the pictures.

The set was the same as elsewhere but perfectly encapsulated the man and his extraordinary guitar playing. He was a revelation and must be the greatest living guitarist in the world today. It was an honour and a privelige to see him at such close quarters. All the songs were outstanding. 3 of the pictures are short videos of the solos of "Only you can rock me", "Attack of the mad axeman" and Michael doing backing vocals on "Lights out". These give a flavour of the night which was possibly the most outstanding gig I have attended, and I have been to hundreds!

Incredibly as soon as the show was over Michael was out at the mechandise stand again so I spoke to him again and congratulated him and said to be sure to bring MSG back to Belfast. How many other legends would take the time to greet their fans both before and after the show!

Keep on rocking!

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