Concert Report by Pete
Michael Schenker & Friends at Thekla, Bristol, U.K.
February 17, 2008
Added on 02/18/2008

Dear Ritchie,

I saw Michael in Bristol last night (17th Feb) and he was amazing. I had first seen him with UFO in Cardiff (Wales) between the Lights Out and Obsession albums in the 70's and met him back stage a few times since. I have seem him since with MSG and the reformed UFO over the years. The last couple of tours fell apart before Michael reached Cardiff (Wales). Last night I went to see Michael playing on a boat in Bristol. He was amazing, as good as ever. He's looking really fit and really happy and well. His guitar playing was shocking - it was so good. Michael played a mix of old and new classics to perfection. The audience loved it - he was so good.

Well done - very well done!!!!


Concert Report by Devonjohn
Michael Schenker & Friends at Thekla, Bristol, U.K.
February 17, 2008
Added on 02/19/2008 & 02/20/2008

Hello Ritchie,

Well yet another Bijou Pleasurette by the Mad Axeman last night at the faintly bizarre venue of The Thekla in Bristol.

I was just inches away from Michael and although the lighting was the worst I have ever had to photograph in I still got some good shots and 11 video clips.


Friends tell me that the sound was appalling, particularly the vocals which were all but inaudible, but from where I was stood, 3 feet from Michael's amp, it was magical.

Below are links to 3 video clips I have loaded onto You Tube, with another 7 or 8 to follow plus photos to make into slide shows if I can find the time!!!
Angel of Avalon - by request!
Let it Roll
Assault Attack
Too Hot To Handle - Shock, Michael Schenker sings backing vocals!!!!!
Into The Arena
Rock Bottom at The Thekla - 10 minutes of pure heaven.
Are you Ready To Rock?
Only You Can Rock Me.


Concert Report by Rich
Michael Schenker & Friends at Thekla, Bristol, U.K.
February 17, 2008
Added on 02/20/2008

Ritchie, see attached some pics I took at the Michael Schenker and Friends show at Thelka, Bristol, UK, on 17th February.

I was right in front of Michael during this show and he was fantastic, a truly legendary guitarist.

Great website by the way.

Rich Cad, Wales, UK

Concert Report by Rob Knowles
Michael Schenker & Friends at Thekla, Bristol, U.K.
February 17, 2008
Added on 02/29/2008

Review of Michael Schenker and Friends, Thekla, Bristol, UK, FEB 17TH 2008

Michael Schenker put in a spectacular performance on Sunday evening at the Thekla, Bristol, UK. It was the best guitar-playing I've ever seen live. On the way home from the gig a friend said, 'that performance exposed the flaws in every other living guitarist'! Schenker's guitar could have blistered the paint-work off aircraft passing over-head at 35,000 feet!

The set list was the same as usual, but what we saw was not just note-perfect renditions of familiar tracks, but creative experimental developments of those tracks with extended soloing - particularly on Axeman and Rock Bottom, but also on other tracks. Schenker was pulling all sorts of tricks out of the bag. There was not a single dull moment, but continuous injections of fresh energy throughout.

The band was as tight as usual - a very commendable performance. Schenker, though, seemed to be playing at several notches above even his Swindon performance 6 weeks ago. When this fact is compared with the revelations in his recent Classic Rock Magazine interview, it is clear that staying away from the booze completely is what has made this turn around possible.

Brief technical hitches at Swansea aside, this tour more than makes up for last year's fiasco. I heard that for some at Thekla, the sound quality was not the best (the venue is actually a boat in Bristol harbour, and the gig was held in the hold!) However, being on the front row and having my hair-style rearranged by Schenker's speakers, this issue was not at all noticeable to me. Judging by the crowd's rapturous responses to the gig as it progressed, it didn't seem like much of an issue to them either! Best gig so far!

Best wishes Ritchie!

Rob Knowles

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