Concert Report by Teessidespider
Michael Schenker & Friends at The Tackeroo, Hednesford, U.K.
February 13, 2008
Added on 02/14/2008

Review of MSF at The Tackeroo Hednesford

For those of us that have followed Michael Schenkers career over the last 30 odd years, we are always expecting the unexpected. Last nights gig at The Tackeroo in Hednesford was no exception. The guy was pure genius and a true master of his art. Taking the stage around 9pm the first chords from Assault Attack kicked off the evening, and within seconds you just knew we were in for a special night.

Ably supported by his band they ripped through classic songs with such accuracy and ease it was a real pleasure to be there to witness it. Michaels sound seems very reminiscent of his UFO days with his Dean "V" sounding very much like his Gibson in the early days. Precise lead playing with added extras played at breakneck speed was the story of the evening, although there were a couple of bum notes thrown in to show us that he is human after all. How does this guy get such a clean, crisp and clear as a bell tone playing that fast? That's why we love the guy I guess.

The highlights were the usual suspects from his UFO days, with "Only you can Rock me" with that amazing melodic solo played note perfect the highlight of the evening for me, and songs from his MSG catalogue equally well received especially Armed & Ready" by the knowledgeable audience, which I have to say seemed pretty reserved at times but showed their appreciation of a true legend at the end of each track. The venue is the smallest I have seen Schenker play at but big thanks to Geoff and Co for getting the gig on, pure quality.

What I witnessed last night was one of the top guitarists of all time playing in my local for less than you would expect to pay for five pints of beer---bizarre!

I have managed to catch him a couple of times on this mini tour and my advice to anyone out there, still wondering whether or not to give the guy another chance is go see him, then make a judgment. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Can't wait for the new album and world tour---On with The Action.

Concert Report by Kev
Michael Schenker & Friends at The Tackeroo, Hednesford, U.K.
February 13, 2008
Added on 02/16/2008

Hi Ritchie,

Just thought I'd share a few personal thoughts after seeing Michael at Hednesford.

On Wednesday at Hednesford I had the privilege of seeing MS&F for the fourth time on this current tour. Michael & his band's performance can only be described as awesome! He is absolutely at the top of his game at the moment and gives the impression he's enjoying every minute he spends on stage with this current line-up.

From the moment we entered the pub/club venue I had the feeling we were in for a special night. It is a truly surreal experience walking into a pub venue & seeing your hero sitting quietly with his girlfriend greeting fans as they arrive. But there is nothing sad or humiliating in seeing him in this environment. I think it genuinely is a case of him wanting to show his true fans that he is back with a vengeance and there is no better way of doing that than by playing these intimate venues. Tonight the band actually entered and exited the stage via the audience!

The set list was the same as all previous gigs with hardly any pausing between songs. I stood about two meters from the great man throughout the gig and was totally mesmerised by his playing. I've seen most of the great guitarists live over the last 28 years but I know of no one to compare with Michael. That uniquely melodic sound of his combined with some of the most memorable riffs in rock make him the complete guitar player in my opinion.

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