Concert Review by Devonjohn
Michael Schenker & Friends at Princess Pavilions, Falmouth, UK
January 24, 2008
Added on 01/25/2008

The Axe Man is Back!
(But - this time he isn't Mad and the whole evening was a huge Pleasurette).

Last night I was privileged to witness at the Princess Pavilions in Falmouth, Michael Schenker, ably and solidly supported by his friends; Thomas Broman, Leif Sundin, Kjell Haraldsson and Thomas Torberg.

This was a very different Michael to the one I saw last at Rock & Blues in July 2007.

The 200+ fans who turned up, were a little nervous and strangely hesitant at first. But with good reason. Michael had something to prove to his fans - many of whom had been disappointed on more than one occasion.

So, this was not the best concert I have ever been to - (in fact that honour does go to MSG at the 22nd Reading Rock in 1982) - but, prove himself he did and I don't think anyone was in any doubt at the end of the all too short set that, for now, the Axeman is back.

Michael has a charisma, mystique and aura about him that is unique, disarming and mesmerising. I truly hope he continues to receive the support and promotion that he deserves.

At the end of the show, he sat, in his dressing gown and signed everything and anything - including set lists. Clearly Michael has got the message and bridges are being rebuilt.

As usual, I was at the front, just to the left of centre and took plenty of pictures plus - for the first time, (for me), 4 low res video clips that I have loaded up via Photobucket as a video slideshow mix:¤t=a1e728c0.pbr

Plus, you can see my first slideshow of pictures, with more to follow, at the following links:¤t=082a6e8e.pbw¤t=1e5fcdd4.pbw¤t=a715cfbc.pbw¤t=4cd3cefe.pbw

As always - let me know what you think.

The set list was in effect an MSG and UFO best of compilation - with no less than 6 of the 14 numbers, (including both encores), being from the Strangers In The Night set as follows:

Assault Attack
Ready to Rock
Let it Roll
Angel of Avalon
Lights Out
Into The Arena
I want more
Too Hot to Handle
On and On
Only You Can Rock Me
Armed and Ready
Attack of the Mad Axeman


Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

This was pure and raw classic Michael and bodes very well indeed for MSG's come back with a new studio album in April 2008, to be entitled "In the midst of beauty". For the studio album Michael's Friends are expected to be; Gary Barden, Neil Murray, Simon Philips and Don Airey.

I say expected to be, because at this point, I am not aware that anyone has confirmed they are involved in the project - except Michael.

But, I am eagerly awaiting that new album and with luck a UK and World tour with the full MSG line up, later in the year.

In the mean time, I highly recommend you to go and see Michael Schenker and Friends at a small, intimate venue near you.

26th Jan. Twist, COLCHESTER
5th Feb. Concorde, 2 BRIGHTON
6th Feb Queenshall, NUNEATON
9th Feb. Academy 3, MANCHESTER
10th Feb. Boardwalk, SHEFFIELD
11th Feb. Sincity, SWANSEA
13th Feb. Tackeroo, CANNOCK
14th Feb. Town Mill, MANSFIELD
15th Feb. Daddy Cool's, KNARESBOROUGH
16th Feb. The Flowerpot, DERBY
17th Feb. Thekla BRISTOL
18th Feb. Waterfront, NORWICH
19th Feb. Whelan's, DUBLIN
20th Feb. Spring and Airbrake, BELFAST
22nd Feb. Cathouse, GLASGOW
23rd Feb. Carnegie Hall, WORKINGTON

For the latest Michael Schenker news and tour information check out R.B.Araki's Unofficial Michael Schenker Music Fansite at

If you want it straight from Michael himself, here is the link:

Reading Rock 22 link:

Concert Review by Dave
Michael Schenker & Friends at Princess Pavilions, Falmouth, UK
January 24, 2008
Added on 01/25/2008

Hi Ritchie

Well what can i say - down here in Cornwall we get very few decent bands play and when i heard that my favourite guitarist was playing in Falmouth i really couldn't believe it! Now last year i travelled over 200 miles to Stourbridge too see one of my heroes play and as you can imagine left disappointed, the only good thing was i heard his sound check which was great and met him before the concert started - but that gig is history!

What i witnessed last night in Falmouth was Michael proving that he his still one of the greats - he was AWESOME - from opening the cords of Assault attack, the fantastic solo during let it roll and even when he had problems with his guitar at the start of 'on and on' he just laughed and again produced some great guitar work.

The concert flew by and everyone was simply stunned by what they had witnessed 'one hell of a performance' it will be hard to imagine him playing better then this. He was laughing playing with the crowd and enjoying himself.

The encores were - Dr Dr and Rock Bottom which included one of the best solo's that i've heard 'amazin'.

There were whispers in the bar before the start 'you can imagine what people were thinking' but he proved them all wrong!

He came straight off stage and signed cd covers pictures etc.

Michael is back and roll on the new album and next tour - i can't see him coming all the way too Cornwall again but after this performance i'm sure people will make the long journey up the line too see him 'i know i will' !

But Michael get some extra large t.shirts in stock please. See you later in the year.


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