Concert Review by Russ
Michael Schenker & Friends at The Palace, Tamworth, UK
January 19, 2008
Added on 01/20/2008

Hi Ritchie,

I have been reading the recent reviews of michael on your site and would like to give you my thoughts via your superb site about the tamworth show. All I can say is that whatever any fan saw last year...forget it and get out there and see michael now! what I saw in tamworth was nothing short of awesome! spellblinding and a note perfect performance.

The palace is a great venue which has seen the likes of diamond head and magnum play there. The owner, Lee, has worked wonders to achieve the best live venue in the area. Michael and co hit the stage with assault attack and from the opening few bars, we all knew our man was on top form. Ready to rock followed and then just about every ufo n msg classic, we were treated to an encore of doctor doctor and rock bottom....all for 17 quid.

Michael was so focused, looked great and played every solo note perfect, I have followed his career for 30 years so I know when he is on form...and he is on top form! After the show he took time to sign all the fans cd's etc and my own band Agincourt had a beer and chat with the band at the bar. To sum up I can only say last night was the stuff dreams are made of. I met some great people who all know this website, down the front, some of which have to rebuild their flying V's this morning with signed scratch plates...You know who you are!

A very happy Schenker fan!

Concert Review by Dean
Michael Schenker & Friends at The Palace, Tamworth, UK
January 19, 2008
Added on 01/23/2007

Excellent show! After last summer, I probably wouldn't have believed just how good it was if I hadn't seen it myself. The band belted through a familiar set list, barely pausing for breath. MS was on top form and the band equipped themselves very well. One thing you tend to forget amongst all the lead play, is just how stunning Schenker's rhythm playing is also. Great venue, good sound, all in all a top night.


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