Concert Report by Kev
Michael Schenker & Friends at Limelight, Crewe, UK
January 11, 2008
Added on 01/12/2008 & 01/25/2008

Hi Ritchie,

Thought you might be interested in the following comments about the Crewe Gig.

Michael was on top form last night at the Limelight with the band playing a fantastic MSG/UFO greatest hits set (only Love to Love was missing).

What a transformation from the debarcle we saw att Stourbridge six months ago. Michael was really focused and relaxed, even contributing backing vocals on many of the choruses.

Only problem last night was the brainless idiot who was calling for Scorpions songs throughout the set and who waved a full bottle of lager in front of Michael. Michael was totally professional and did not react to this prat.

Got my CD covers signed and left one very happy MSG fan.

Can't wait for the new studio album and tour but in the mean time will be travelling to Tamworth next week and then Derby next month. Some exiting times to come for us all I'm sure.

Kev Miles

(Addition) This is the set list from the current MS&F UK Tour. The running order may not be 100% accurate.

Assault Attack
Ready to Rock
Let It Roll
Lights Out
But I Want More
Into The Arena
Too Hot To Handle
On and On
Angel of Avalon
Only You Can Rock Me
Attack of the Mad Axeman
Armed & Ready


Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

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