Message from Batttttty

A call for someone close to Michael to speak out, to explain why this is being allowed to continue - please.

There's very little I can add to what's been written about Michael in the last few days, but now that the shock/denial/anger/acceptance process is reaching the acceptance stage, it's time that the negativity is turned around so that some good comes out of all that's happened over the last week.

I'm pretty sure that by now, nobody can want these shows to continue the way they are - not Michael, the band, the fans, the promoters - any right-thinking person. For some reason it's been allowed to continue - all I'm asking for (as a fan, and on behalf of eveyone who is concerned about Michael's wellbeing) is for a spokesperson, someone close to Michael, to give us an explanation that has no agenda, no ulterior motive other than speaking in Michael's best interests - someone to stick their head above the parapet and explain.

It's heartbreaking to see and hear Michael struggling like this, and to hear him being booed and ridiculed and treated as a freak-show even by fans who've loyally stuck by him through all the ups and downs of the last thirty years. It's not for us to tell him how to live his life - no matter how much we care, we don't walk in his shoes or live in his skin so it's not our call. But as people who care, we need reassurance from someone close to Michael that whoever is making the tour decisions is making them in the best interests of all concerned.

We know that people in the Schenker camp read this fansite, so please, either via here or via the official website, please let us know what's going on and why it's going on.

Message from Skid Rowe

Robert's observation on Ritchie's site is spot on. I wish there was more I could do other than pray for the man. He has made my life better with music. Wish I could make his better somehow.

Message from Nancy

That was a great review/observation. I'm with you, Skid...wish there was more we could do than just pray...but ya know, sometimes, prayer is what makes all the difference in the I'm gonna keep right on with it.

Message from Dave Williams

Hi Ritchie I am with Rob on this one. The "you tube" clips of Michael in America show a man at the top of his game, totally in control and looking as if he is enjoying himself.

What has occured to turn that man into the pathetic state he was in at the soundcheck for Rock and blues. I was aghast. He should not have been allowed to be seen by the public in that condition. It was cruel, akin to 'victim TV'. Now those images are further damaging his reputation and fanbase.

We have people bearing witness to the generosity of Michaels spirit in Peterborough. Something has got to him. If the poor condition he is in is self inflicted then, I would not seek to defend his actions in being well off the mark for public performance but I too wish to see him assisted not crucified.

There is something sadly lacking in the management structure around him for no one to be prepared to intervene. He should have been pulled from the bill and medical attention sought. My friend who was with me at Rock and Blues, who works in the NHS, said his symptoms and poor co-ordination were similar to 'Parkinson's' and/or any one of a few conditions that totally shut down motor skill function.

It is very easy for people to hurl insults but in a popular culture where certain no marks are celebrated for 'nothingness' save a pretty face, Big (silicon enhanced) norks and a rich background we should dwell upon the totally self created genius that Michael Schenker is.

I want the real Michael Schenker back as quickly as possible and all those who profess to care for him should be supporting him in his time of need and letting him know how much he is loved. E-mail him with support. Don't bury him with insults.

Message from Nino

Re: Robert Knowles review and comments

Hi Ritchie, It's good to see someone posting something sensible in regards to Michael's condition. Hopefully, someone will step up and help Michael instead of bashing his reputation making matters worse.

Message from Axe at

Re: Robert Knowles review and comments

Yes! all of you are right about lots of this. This situation is really making everybody think .It's easy to hate and resent him but the true fans will still rally all though they are hurt as well.Sounds like what we do with sibblings,spouses,and friends...I do agree with him not touring till he's better.He needs to get well to make his own decisions.I too pray for him daily.I got to pray on this man in the green room 3 of the 4 nights I spent with the band. Only time will tell when they are answered.....Axe

Message from Celine from Switzerland

Hey Ritchie !

Just some words to thank you for your MS website, where is always fresh news from the man we all admire. I was in manchester and london, shows were not very good, but I think Michael needs to see we all support him, so for his TRUE fans only, just write him a little word to let him know we're there, forget the music, the human is fragile please.

rock on !

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