Concert Report by Kev
Michael Schenker at the Park, Peterborough, U.K.
July 26, 2007
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One Night In Peterborough

26th July 2007

Hi Ritchie

I have never done this before even though I log onto your site most days but I have to write in following an extraordinary 'One Night In Peterborough' on Thursday night. I have seen Michael perform with MSG/UFO many times since '82 but I doubt I will ever again experience a night like this!! I live in France but work in UK / France so I had tried to plan my week on the basis of the MSG tour dates. I phoned the venue in advance and told them where I was coming from and they confirmed that MSG were still due to play. After a days work in London off I headed to Peterborough in eager anticipation. The evening got off to an incredible start as I checked into my hotel and called the lift. As the lift doors opened out walked Michael looking cool and relaxed!!! I was speechless. I introduced myself, let Michael get on his way to the venue and raced upstairs and dumped my gear in the room and found my way to the venue. At 'The Park' I was greeted by Del the owner who apologised that he was unable to contact me the night before to tell me the gig was off due to the band being stuck in the States (thank God he didn't!) but I was welcome to come in, have a beer and a sandwich and chat with Michael who was there. Great, I thaught, an evening of beer and sandwiches with Michael Schenker as host!

No further invitation was needed and the word soon went out that the promoter was trying to get hold of some gear for Michael to play for those fans that turned up. The promoter duly returned with a 'Cruiser' guitar and a Marshall practice amp which Michael linked to the clubs PA. He then announced that he had 'never done this before but lets see how it goes'. What followed can only be described as truly amazing as Michael proceeded to play nearly the entire set on his own. As far as I can remember, he played the following:

Assault Attack
Ready To Rock
Let It Roll
Big Deal??
Lights Out
Into The Arena
But I Want More
Too Hot To Handle
Only You Can Rock Me
Armed & Ready
Attack of the Mad Axeman
Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Michael stopped for a break in the middle when he switched to a larger amp and a Dean V that had been brought along for him to sign and he carried on where he left off , always smiling and encouraging the crowd of 50+ to join in on Lights Out, Rock Bottom etc.

At the interval and at the end I was fortunate to be able to chat with Michael and thanked him for what he had done as it was far and above what we could have expected. Having had another photo taken with Michael, I walked back to my hotel room still thinking I had died and gone to heaven only to bump into Michael again getting out of the promoters car !!

I assured him that I was not a stalker thanked him again and said I would see him on Monday night at Hammersmith. I then left him in peace and returned to my room still in a state of disbelief and shock.

On behalf of everyone at the Park that night, I would just like to thank Michael once again for being a true star and making the night so memorable and special. I cannot think of another guitar great that would have done this and it just goes to show what a true talent and genius Michael is. Lets hope the rest of the tour is a success.

Some photos attached ? and not surprisingly I'm looking slightly pleased with myself like I've just won the lottery.

Thank you 4 ...a memorable night!!!


Normandy, France

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