Concert Report
by John A. Robinson

- MSG -
at Portland , USA
May 2nd, 1999

Added on 05/05/1999

Thought I weigh in with my review of Sunday nights show. First let me say I went to the show with very low expectations. The reasons for this are not having seen Schenker since the 92 unplugged tour, lack of knowledge of his work since then, his use of a "rent a band" , the reviews I'd heard from the Seattle shows things like no encores etc but mainly just not feeling things could match the previous experiences the shows with Barden, Cozy and the like.

Vinnie Moore opened and played for an hour-he had a nice set and got the crowd warmed up nicely. Schenker came on a little after 9;30 and the evening was off. Keith Slack was great as he stepped up with MSG Armed and Ready and the band smoked it and several UFO classics. After that it was all uphill. I realize Michael has had his share of poor performances though I've been fortunate to miss them but this show was superb. Schenker just simply showed why he is the best axeman ever what power and grace. His bass and drummer were solid and Keith Slack who by my count covered music by six different vocalists was terrific-I'll be looking for some Steelhouse Lane soon. The topper was not expecting any encores and being treated to the band acoustically playing not only Bijou Pleasurette but a slight acoustic version of Looking out from Nowhere. Then as if that wasn't enough the drummer and bass player traded in their guitars and played not only Doctor Doctor but a killer version of Rock Bottom. Simply an amazing show-I have seen over two hundred shows and this is one of the best. If it comes your way GO.

Thank you, John!

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