Concert Report by Scott Wright
MSG at Roseland Theater, Portland, OR, U.S.A.
June 16, 2007
Added on 07/07/2007

hi all,

well i flew to portland , oregon form phoenix, az to see michael and escape the heat here.

the opeing band , not sure of there name. but you can call them spinal tap. they looked and played just like them. doug doppler played second. he can play, but the whole idea of not having a band with him and jamming to a sound track did little for me.

now for MSG. was a great atomsphere. was a neat little club. had a elevated stage. and you could see from anywhere on the floor. michaels set was exactly like the one i have seen posted on his web site. but when he played "but i want more" he really shined. the whole band nailed that song. and when wayne did his guitar solo on a new song. i think it was "love trade". i was very impressed. what a find wayne has been for michael. michael seemed to really be enjoying the show, he was very active and smiling alot. the crowd really seem to get alot of energy for micheals interaction with the crowd.

i really liked the way he changed up the solo on rock bottom. i have seen michael 35 times. hard to believe with all this cancelled tours huh. but i have been a fan since force it. and have seen him on every tour since. but i drifted form the subject. his solo work on rock bottom was great. and to hear hm play it a bit different , but still great was nice.

overall this show rocked , the band was tight. the crowd was into it. and michale actually showed up. so lets all pray that MSG can get this going again so the rest of you can see the show.

scott wright
phoenix, az

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