Concert Report by Cory W.
MSG at Union Station, Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A.
June 27, 2007
Added on 06/29/2007

The show was awesome!! Michael was totally "on" and seemed to be having a great time. Colorado Springs is apparently not a hot spot for Michael Schenker fans therefore the place wasn't even close to full which was kind of cool. I was kind of worried that they wouldn't be as into it as they would be with a packed house but they played like they were in front of 50,000 people. I was able to get right up front center stage and take a ton of pictures. Jari seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm also.

I got to speak to Michael's guitar tech Roberto and he is a very cool guy and very down to earth. He was talkative and seemed to enjoy our conversation. I now know the secret of how Michael gets such a great tone. Don't worry Roberto, your secret is safe with me!! I was surprised at how thick his accent is lol! (not to be taken in a bad way) What a combination! A German and a Mexican both with English as a second language! Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Michael. They finished a little after 1:00am and I had about a 50 minute drive home so I didn't stick around for the meet and greet. I got home at 2:00am and got up for work a 6:30am... Sheesh! I'm a little fried but it was well worth it!!! I figure when I see them in Dallas on July 1st I'll hang around being that I will be on vacation.I did briefly meet Wayne before the show and he was totally cool too.

As for the band Wayne was his usual bad ass self. Jari was very good and energetic although his take on some of the older stuff seemed a little lackluster. Kind of hard to explain. Let it Roll comes to mind. I thought the new drummer was excellent and enthusiastic. The week link in my opinion was the bass player. He was solid enough but seemed robotish. I was right in front of him and he never made eye contact with anyone and didn't come off like he was enjoying himself. The set list was a good catalog of old and new although I could probably think of about 50 more songs that they could have added!! Lol!!

I've seen Michael quite a few times and he's never let me down and last night was no exception. Like I said he was really "on" and his playing was flawless with quite a few add lib riffs thrown in through out the show. Also his 3 Deans are totally bad ass!! I'm even getting used to the head stocks.

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