Concert Report by John H.
MSG at Canyon Club @ Four Queens Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.
June 26, 2007
Added on 06/29/2007

This was the 3rd time for me to see MSG in Las Vegas since 1998. Once on the Unforgiven tour and the other on Arachnaphobiac tour. Typically the crowd in Vegas is small and quiet. On the two previous occasions there were no encores, and it felt like the band just went through the motions so they could get to another city. NO smiles, no messing with each other on stage, just plow through the set.

On another note, I have not been particularly impressed with Jari. The footage I had seen at the Sweden Rock Fewstival did not impress too much especially on the UFO tunes. Also, I haven't really been able to get into Tales of Rock n Roll.

Needless to say, my expectations were low. I debated with myself all day. At about 7:00 pm., I reread the reviews on your site. At 7:30 pm I told my wife we were going and off we went. Best decision I've made in a long time.


MSG hit the stage around 9:15 pm. From the minute they hit the stage I could tell it was going to be special. Everybody in the band was smiling, interacting with each other. It felt right.

Setlist was the same as previous gigs. Highlight for were But I want more, On & on, All UFO tunes, but especially rock bottom. I had not seen Michael play Rock Bottom since 95 with UFO at the Edge in Palo Alto, CA. It was made even better by the fact I was 1 ft away. Michael was on , and as anybody who has ever seen him knows you can definately tell the difference. He even did a fake striptease and acted like he was going to throw his jacket into the crowd but pulled ot back at the last minute. I cant even express how cool it was to see him like this. It had been a long time.

The band was extremely tight as I think the two new additions are perfect for MSG. Bodo was great and the new bass player was a much needed change. I think it fits with the other four much better than his predecessor. And he really nailed every song.

I owe Jari an apology. I totally underestimated him. He was great. He especially shined on the old MSG tunes and UFO stuff. Great stage presence without the poser moves of ......well, you know.

Only two small complaints: At many times the music totally overpowered Jari's voice and it was a little difficult to hear him. I told my wife , that could be by design. Secondly, Lights Out just wasn't tight. I cant put my finger on it or tell it in musical terms. It just didnt have the punch it usually does. The three tunes off Tales sounded Ok but I really couldn't get into them. Probably from my lack of familiarity.

Michael did the meet n greet afterward. Within five minutes of shows end he was out with his female friend signing autographs, taking pictures, and in a great mood. He seemed genuinly into it . Also met Wayne and he seemed like a good guy.

Overall, it was probably the best MSG show I've ever seen. I only wish there had been more people there to witness it. My wife, who has tolerated my obsession with MSG and UFO since we met, Enjoyed it as much, if not more, than I did. Usually at shows, she hangs out, watches the show, makes sure I don't get into trouble, and drives me home. To have her next to me screraming the lyrics to every song, was quite an experience for me.

We have lived in Vegas for over 10 years. As you know, there is plenty of entertainment here. We have experienced quite a bit of it. For us to look at each other and say "that was the most fun we had in years", pretty much sums it up. Next time MSG shows up there will be no decison to make. I'M THERE.

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