Concert Report by Axe
MSG at Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA, U.S.A.
June 22, 2007
Added on 06/25/2007

Hi Ritchey! I am very tired from the trip .The Galaxy show In Santa Ana was great! Again I helped the band and the merchandise table and anything to help the band. The sound check was also great to watch and a very relaxed atmosphere. What a treat to watch this behind the scenes of MSG !!

My good friend Doug Doppler opened the show and stunned the crowd once again with his shredding set list. Doug has some of the best stage presence and always smiling through out and posing for the crowd.Him and Melissa are great friends and I love them very much!!!.George Lynch was awesome & very LOUD! The crowd was loving it and people were getting pretty loud and crazy! MSG came on late about 11:45.

The Orange CO. crowd was growing impatient for the late start but as soon as I saw Tony (The Tour Manager) pull up with Michael I walked past the curtain on stage and gave thumbs up to the crowd that the Phoenix had landed and got a HUGE roar from the crowd.. What a trip that was!!! Michael performed well but not as flawless as the Santa Rosa gig.Still an outstanding show from the boys of MSG. Like I said in the last review of the Santa Rosa show these guys have great chemistry on stage and the additions of Budo & Franky make this in my opinion the best line up of MSG. I love all the others but this one to me is special and Jari is very impressive. By far the most powerful vibrato MSG has ever had and not to mention the best stage presence!The set list was the same as the Santa Rosa show and a very similar show as the Santa Rosa gig.I met Jim Martinez there from SITN ( Where did you go after Jamie,,, M I A??) and also met and talked with Bella Piper and her and Michaels beautiful children Essenze & Chinua before & after the show. I gave them photo's I took and they were happy to see their dad. All in all a great time in the OC and will return again next time..

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