Concert Report by Skid Rowe
MSG at Last Day Saloon, Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A.
June 15, 2007
Added on 06/16&19/2007

Hey Bro!

Just got to the hotel room from Santa Rosa show. Great as always. Michael and band looked and played great. Here is setlist:

Assault Attack
Ready To Rock
Let It Roll
Dust To Dust
Love Trade
Shadow Lady
Lights Out
Into The Arena
But I Want More
Too Hot To Handle
On & On
Only You Can Rock Me
Armed & Ready
Attack of the Mad Axeman

Doctor Doctor
Rock Bottom

Michael stayed and signed stuff and posed with fans for pictures.

Later my friend,

(added 06/19/07) As Axe said it was a great show. The Band was tight, new bass player Frank, was less flamboyant than Rev but strong none the less. Bodo did a little fill in during "Into the Arena" running around the stage druming on the crowd, amps, mic stands, anything in his way, then back to the skins. Wayne was his usual awesome self, riffing on the guitar, playing the keyboards. I got to meet up with Wayne before the show, he is a truely good guy. I bought a copy of his new Slavior CD. But I was probably most impressed with Jari onstage. This was the first time I had seen him and his stage presence fit the band. As Axe said, he sang the UFO/MSG classic tunes well but the crowd seemed a little dumbfounded on the 3 Tales of RnR songs. Highlite to me was "But I Want More" Michael sounded great. His usual hunkered down soloing but acknowledged the crowd with smiles and waves often. Broke a string during the outro to "On & On" but never missed a beat. During the solo to Rock Bottom he got crossed up on his foot pedals, searching the floor then looking at his roadie. With a brief pause he smiled and just continued on. After the show he sat and signed photos, CD sleeves, guitars, albums, anything and everything for everyone, smiling the whole time. I waited until the line was almost gone then had my first photo taken with him after all these years and shows. I had read on his pollstar bio that he once played "Lipstick Traces" with his feet! I had never heard that before so I asked the master himself .... He said "Yes, when I was eighteen". I thanked him for greeting all his fans, that we appreciated it. It has to be tough to play for two hours then sit there for another hour and a half and smile for the camera, sign your name a hundred times and listen to us stupid fans go "You rule" Great night and one of the top 5 MSG shows I've seen. I have some photos and short videos I'll try to post later.


Concert Report by
MSG at Last Day Saloon, Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A.
June 15, 2007
Added on 06/17/2007

Ritchey!! The show was a huge success!! I have so much to share.I will have photo's and I mpeg recorded parts of the sound check. The band was very polished.. I hung on the bus with the boys. Me wayne and Franky and a rep from EMG pick ups went and toured the factory. I was jacked!! Then I had a backstage pass and watched the show most of the gig 2 feet behind the stage. I wish you were there. I was helping Deana, Wayne's wife with mechendise. I said hello to Bodo for you. He was glad to hear that. I'll send you links and the soundcheck vid when I can come back down off the ceiling ...haha. I can't believe this will happen 3 more ya ...Axe

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