Concert Report
by Ries Wiggin

- MSG/Uli/Satch -
in Rotterdam, Holland
May 24th, 1998

Added on 06/04/1998

On 5-24-1998 we visited the G3 concert in Rotterdam Ahoy. Last year May the G3 package also did their thing in Rotterdam and we were there also but due to a giant jet-lag the guys didn't perform as well as we acumstomed ourselfs to.

Line-up last year:

Adrian Legg (who the f. was Adrian Legg) / Steve Vai / Joe Satriani

Line-up this year:

Uli Jon Roth / Michael Schenker / Joe Satriani

Uli Jon Roth

Announced as the "legend" and the "myth", Uli Roth (former guitarist of Scorpions from Germany, but now attempting to make his second comeback as a solo artist), entered stage left. The band played a few songs from Electric Sun and a handful tracks from other albums. We weren't impressed by the material and the quality of his playing. Due to a crummy mix the sound was extremely bad and, in spite of the efforts of Uli, it never ever got better.

This was one of ULI's first rock shows in nearly 15 years and he included stuff from his ELECTRIC SUN past ("Hiroshima", "Earthquake") as well as SKY OF AVALON material ("Starlight", "Tod und Zerstoerung"). His back-up band consisted of keyboardist Don Airey (MSG, Rainbow, Ozzy), drummer Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull, Electric Sun), bassist Francois Garny, a SOA alumni, and vocalist Liz Vandall, formerly of Sahara. She did really well and showed us the classic movements of the hard rock vocalists of former days. Nice work Liz!

Michael Schenker

Things started to lighten up when Michael Schenker came on stage. His hair dyed black, wearing a long black rain-coat and with a little moustache he immediatly recieved the attention of the crowd. His playing was, as always, very accurate and the sound from his custom-made Gibson Flying-V really impressed the people in Ahoy.

His very young companions did very well to. Especially when they all grabbed an acoustic guitar and played a song together, even the drummer played a nice piece of guitar!

Michael played songs from Scorpions, Ufo and his solo albums and when Gary Barden entered stage the crowd went beserk. (unfortunately his throat wasn't as powerful and clear any more)

Yes, MSG featured two vocalists, David Van Landing (who appears on Story of Michael Schenker and has a very remarkable voice) and Gary Barden (back in the MSG fold after a 14 year absence, been a long time Gary!). Completing the line-up are Seth Bernstein and Shane Gaalaas (who also appear on 'Story') and Jeff Kollman (who most recently collaborated with Shane and Barry Sparks on 'Cosmosquad').

Songs played

In Search Of Peace Of Mind
Assault Attack
Into The Arena
Another Piece Of Meat
Let It Roll
Captain Nemo
Written In The Sand
Lost Horizons
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Bijou Pleasurette (unplugged...more or less)
Positive Forward
Armed And Ready (tis one sounded really great!)

Joe Satriani

After the stage had been cleared from Michael Schenkers bulky speaker cabinets and a few adjustments were made in the drum section, Joe Satriani came on stage. The real Mad Axeman, head freshly shaved and his Chrome Boy polished, treated us for about an hour. Together with Stu Hamm and Jeff Campitelli he really blew us all away. Starting with Up in the Sky, House full of Bullets and Crystal Planet he played a very strong set. Some old (Satch Boogie...) stuff but mostly new songs from Crystal Planet. The light show was funny too, picture a giant white balloon on a statue and on that balloon all kind of lights effects were projected. Looked rather great. Especially when Joe's hands were displayed. Stu's bass solo was amazing. (eat your heart out Michael Anthony!) After a rather useless jam with Uli (Voodoo Chile) and Michael the G3 evening ended.

Too bad the Satch-Shirts were so damned pricy. A nice big Satriani/Schenker poster was sold on the exit of Ahoy and we decided to buy that one instead...too bad the rain almost ruined it!

Check out his great webpage, too.

Thank you, Ries!

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