Concert Report by Greg
MSG at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani, Thailand
November 21, 2006
Added on 11/22/2006

I was at the Bangkok gig last night. Quite frankly it was awful and Rev Jones' assessment was correct. Clearly Mr Schenker was in no condition or state of mind to play to a paying audience. I don't know whether it is booze or drugs or another illness but his brain to fingers coordination and his general attitude are shot completely.

He lost the quiet but appreciative Bangkok audience after the fourth or fifth number. A minute into the song he inexplicably stopped playing and sat down in front of a speaker. He then got up disappeared behind the stage while Pete and Rev kept the audience going. Mr Schenker returned after five minutes and said to the audience, his fans:-

"If you don't get up for this I'm fucking leaving the stage". This says it all.

Despite a recovery for Rock Bottom, the final number, his playing was awful throughout.

I and my friends just felt sad that one of the greatest rock guitarists has declined to this degree. Maybe Mr Schenker still has the talent but currently he is no state to use it. He needs medical help - fast - not to mention a personality by-pass.

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