Concert Report
by Toben Askholm

- MSG -
in Copenhagen, Denmark
May 31st, 1998

Added on 06/01/1998

I just arrived back from the Concert ,so I'll give You some small hints how it was. Uli was the first to enter the Stage backed by Clive Bunker on Drums, Liz Wandall on Vocals,Don Airey on Keys and I think the bas player was called Francois (I think I heard he was from Belgium) The set resembles the set in the other reviews, but unfortunately we missed out Sails of Charon. Some minor sound problems distorted the leadsound so some solo's was ruined,though the set went fine with Roth brilliant playing + both Clive and Liz sounded equally impressive.

MSG set was basically the same as the Dublin show and Gary really sounded good +David Van Landing was more emotional than on the CD Set. The Band Was (as far as I got it Right) MS Guitar,David Van Landing Vocals, Gary Barden Vocals,Shane Gallaas Drums, Seth Bernstein Keys/Guitar + (and I don't know if I got this Right) Jeff Lordan Bass??? Shane's Drumming was totally over the top, He really impressed the hell out of Me. Overall it was a damn fine set.

Finally Joe took the stage Unfortunately the set turned out quite boring. Satriani Is an Excellent Guitar player, but when it comes to songwriting his talent is limited.

The encore Jam was also BB King and Jimmi Hendrix .

To some it all up 2 - 1

Thank you for your contribution, Torben!

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