Concert Report
by Paul McCanny

- MSG -
at Dublin Spot, Ireland
May 15th, 1998

Added on 05/15/1998

Hi folks

Just back from the G3 show in Dublin. I know you all really just want to hear about Schenker so here's the story. DONT READ if you plan to go to the shows and want the setlist to be a surprise.

Well, MSG came on and played a blinder. Schenker still looks much the same as he did on the UK UFO tour....dressed in black wearing shades, dyed hair etc. He's getting a little pudgey too, could be mistaken for Johnny Cash from a distance!!!

The setlist was a shortened version of The Michael Schenker Story Live CD.

They played....

In Search Of The Peace Of Mind
Assault Attack
Another Piece Of Meat
Into The Arena
Let It Roll
Captain Nemo
I Will Be there
Lost Horizons*
Attack Of The Mad Axeman*
Bijou Pleasurette
Positive Foward
Armed & Ready*

*Gary Barden joined them on these tracks. He was singing and looking well. David Van Landing did the singing on other songs. As you can see they did plenty of instrumentals (this was a night of guitar of course). LIR was the only UFO tune. Im not too sure who the rest of the band with Schenker were. It looked like Barry Sparks on the bass. If anybody knows wo these guys are please let me know. BTW the rhythm guitarist/keyboard player is a very funny looking wee guy. He looks like a troll! Good musician though.

Schenker was doing his usual thing after the show autographing merchandise sold there that night. They were even playing stuff like On And On through the PA to promote the Live CD before he went on stage. They even had A4 size photos on sale for 7 pounds if you wanted to get these autographed!

And now to the other stuff...

Uli Roth was a good opener. To those unfamiliar with him he must have appeared as an odd sight. He looked as he always does. Silk blouse, tight pants, jewel encrusted headband etc. He was playing good too. His sound was excellent. Probably not everybodys cup of tea, he was heavier than I expected him to be. I'm not too sure who was playing with him (was that Don Airey on keys?) They had a girl singing on the non instrumentals such as Horishima, Sails Of Charon and Polar Nights. He also did stuff by Vivaldi, Rodreigo's (?) guitar concerto and finished with Beethovens 9th.

Satriani did an all instrumental set. He was a little too loud. There was a large Crystal Planet orb above the stage on which projections were displayed. Bassist Stu Hamm did a truly amazing solo..jaws were hitting the floor all around me.

The encore jam was all 3 guitarists doing BB Kings "The Thrill is gone" and Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile". Van Landing sang on these while the G men swapped tasty solos.

From 7:30 to 11:45 a great night of entertainment.

Thank you for your contribution, Paul!

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