Escape/Journey (1981)

I believe no one can deny the greatness of this over-9-million-seller album. The tunes sung with husky and sweet voice of Steve Perry still make the hair of my back stand. Neal Schon's Guitar play in this album was also fantastic. He was one of the fastest picking guitarists at that time. As a guitar kid, I used to make desperate effort to copy his lics. Have you already heard a new album of Journey revival, which is not bad?

Queen II/Queen (1974)

I love all Queen albums. But, I have a special memory on this album. My cousin gave me a tape of this album when I was a 4th grade student. This was my first encounter with Queen. Since that time Queen has been my super favorite band. I first thought that the singer was a female. They then were so full of talents and ideas that they could not stop them from being rushed from them. Those talents and ideas are condensed in this album. The medley written by Freddie in "Black Side" was just magnificent. Actually, Queen was never popular outside Japan at that time. I'm proud that we were ahead of people in other nations and found Queen's splendor. Thanks, Freddie. I'll never forget you.

Tapestry/Carole King (1971)

She is really the "King" of singer-songwriter. She is a great composer as well as a great lyricist. You cannot count how many musicians have been influenced by her. The fact that a tribute album covering the entire songs of this album has been recently released (which is really a rare thing!) indicates that this album is totally great. Each song could be a single-cut tune, and actually many of them were. Also, many of the songs have been covered by other musicians.