R.B. Araki's
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Updated on 12/31/1998

Before the Compact Disc age came, album covers of LP records were "arts." I am sometimes reminded of those wonderful days.

Patty Smyth/Patty Smyth (1992)

I did not know much about Patty Smyth (not, Patti Smith). I only knew and liked a song called "Warrior" released by her when she was a lead singer of Scandal before she started her solo career. I happened to get this CD, which was a gift from my girlfriend. She bought it at the record shop in Los Angeles (a shopboy recommended it, I hear). To be honest, I had no interest in it at first. However, I got infatuated with this album by and by. Every song in this album is cool and catchy. Especially two ballads "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" and "I Should Be Laughing" are fabulous. The arrangement for these songs with acoustic and electric combined is just simple but beautiful, making Patty's prominent voice all the more stand out. Her singing became very 'adult' compared with that in her Scandal days. I am just wondering why such a talented singer as her has not released any full-length album since this one (although recently her greatest hit album was released and her single "Wish I Were You" was put on the "Armageddon" soundtrack). Don Henley participated in "Mistake" and "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" (which marked No.1 on Billboard AC charts and No.2 on Billboard Pop charts, and nominated for a Grammy, Best Adult Contemporary in 1993). --- 12/31/1998 by R.B.

Now Hear This!! : 'I Should Be Laughing' (Real Audio File)

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