Made in Japan/
Deep Purple (1972)

This album was released in Japan in the name of "Live In Japan." This is one of the best live rock albums in which you can hear my master, Ritchie's best performance. The band itself had its greatest momentum at that time. The tone Ritchie created with only his Stratocaster and Marshall was just incredible. The drum solo by Ian Paice in "the Mule" is the best drum solo in Rock history.

KISS/KISS (1974)

Simple is the best!! The style of KISS had already been established at the time of their debut into the rock arena. "Masked" Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter are the best combination. The songs contained in this album are all simple, but what an impact they had! I like "100,000 years" the best among their songs.

4/Foreigner (1981)

Before this album came out, Foreigner had released three million-seller albums, all of which were excellent ones. This fourth album is greater than any of the previous cool albums, and it became their masterpiece. Originally Foreigner consisted of 6 members, but two members withdrew from the band making it four-member band. This album was named after that fact. Though the number of members became less, they created more straight and dynamic songs including famous tunes like Urgent, Juke Box Hero and Waiting For A Girl Like You. 'Urgent', a first single-cut tune, is a hard, tight and cool tune which had something new that their previous albums did not have. 'Juke Box Hero' is dynamic and hard tune, harder than any other songs of Foreigner which also shows their new flavor. 'Waiting For A Girl Like You' is famous for the fact that it has a duration record of occupying the No.2 ranking in Billboard chart. However, it never became No.1 because Olivia's 'Physical' never surrendered the position to it. Lou Gramm is a really wonderful rock vocalist. His cool high-tone voice and skillful singing methodology was the key to their success. Mick Joens's guitar plays were harder than those in any other previous albums. His lics effectively using open strings were really cool. The image of Foreigner which I embrace is that they are serious and good guys, free from the image of bad boys as many rockers have. Their concert stage settings are very simple which I feel reflects their serious attitude toward music: seeking only music of good quality.

... To Be Continued ...